Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It was not an ordinary Tuesday evening.  All who were invited knew we would be in for an extra special treat.  Families who have known each other for almost 60 some years, had the privilege of being together last evening.  After a warm welcome, we were served
trays of carrots and celery, with dip, in individual cups.  How clever!

Our gracious, caring, and talented host and hostess.
I have learned so much from these two people over the years.
Last evening, I learned even more. 
Reminds me of a quote that I read recently, "Share your life, and find the finest joy man can know.  Do not be stingy with your heart.  Get out of yourself and into the lives of others, and new life will flow into you-share and share alike".     ~Joseph Fort Newton
I am not sure that I will be able to serve this many people a meal, or look this young when I am in my eighties, but if I am able, I would love to.  What a blessing they are to so many!  Whenever there is a need, this couple is there to help.

The host and hostess downsized, and this was our first visit to their new home.  Due to the big group and the smaller rooms, I discovered we were going to eat in their garage.  I thought that was the perfect solution to feeding a large group of people.   The paper plates and napkins added beautiful fall colors to the table.

Since the hostess is one of the most gifted flower growers that I know in my life, I am sure she found it difficult when her gardens did not have flowers for the centerpieces.
But, as always, her creative spirit led her to use her purple cabbages, which she placed in taco shells, for the centerpieces.  Who would have thought to do that, but this gifted lady!

Candles and purple cabbages down the center of the table, created a festive look for the tablescape.

In all of my fifty some years, I have never been served green peas in this way.
This platter looks like it should be in a Victoria magazine...would you agree?

She cut off the top of each tiny pumpkin, carved out the inside and then baked them in the oven.
The time and work that this entailed spoke to me, and once again convinced me that this dear lady  cared for us and in every way it showed that she did.  The peas are ones that she had frozen and they were delicious!  Like they were right out of the garden.

Platters of fresh tomatoes that she had peeled and sliced.
She shared tips of a simple and quick way that she had learned to do the procedure.
They too tasted like they were fresh from the garden.
Pickled eggs and beets were served.  She informed us of a way to do that process too, in a quick and efficient way.  I should have had my notebook and pen with me.  I found it all so interesting, and realized that she continued to learn at her age.
Cherries from her freezer were used to make the good tasting cherry crumb pie.  She said that she saw that she did not have enough cherries to make a large pie, so she cut up some apples and added them. 

Favors were made by the couple's oldest daughter.  She is known in our county as an skilled chocolatier, and of course we were happy to have the chocolate covered crackers with peanut butter that she made for each of us.
As you can see, this family did not miss a detail, with most of the meal coming from their garden, via their freezer.  I am still remembering the corn pudding I was served.  It was so delicious!

Three ladies that spent at least 70 some years sharing their friendship.   I cannot tell you how thankful I am for each one and how grateful I am for all I continue to learn from them. 

It was a most memorable evening, and I thought you might enjoy sharing in it.  Who knows, maybe sometime you might want to serve your peas in carved out mini pumpkins:)

I want to thank my youngest sister for sharing her photography skills with me. 

Thank you so much for stopping by this evening.


corners of my life said...

All I can say is . . .

lindsey said...

What a fantastic time you must have had! The table looks wonderful and you are right, that lady is so talented and creative I can only imagine how special that time together must have been!

Christine said...

I'm going to ditto what Mary said!

Judy said...

A most special the sound of it! What a novel put purple cabbages in taco shells. I love it. Or serving peas in pumpkins. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen said...

You certainly travel in some talented circles, Judy. No doubt they feel the same about you.

I can honestly say I know of no one (nada, zilch) as creative as this. I love the little pumpkins filled with peas. How clever. Why didn't I think of that?

As always, it's a delight to see what you've been up to. I can always count on it being fun, pretty, tasty and/or spectacular.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful dinner. I love the peas in the mini pumpkins. Such a wonderful idea.

Anneliese said...

Wow! this is inspiring! I just love to see how creative people are when they want to share the gift of hospitality! May the Lord bless them in their new home. I'm sure that door will continue to be open.

Sammy said...

So fun!!


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