Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My good friend is a gifted decorator!  She uses nature from the outside to decorate the inside.
This arrangement is on her kitchen island, and I thought it looked so pretty.
She wants to add some greens to it to complete the look, but I thought it did look complete. 

 This was the centerpiece she created for her table.  Once again, she brought the outside in and placed it in a clear glass, and set it on a white ironstone plate.  Perfect touch!

At our home, I used the outside to decorate my front porch, by using my old clay pots, adding sand to the inside, then cutting greens from a bush at my back door.  Then I cut some branches of red berries from my mother's tree.  The white branches with tiny lights were used at the front of the church, for our daughter's wedding a few years ago.  I stuck them down into the sand with the branches.  Front door decorations and I didn't spend anything to do it.  It was snowing this morning when I snapped this picture.

I am hoping  the weight of the pots, with the sand will keep them where they are, even in the wind.

This is my mother's tree in the early morning today.  We had our first light snowfall, and the little red berries look beautiful, covered with white snow.

Winter weather is back, and to me it seems like it just left.  The view was pretty from out of our window this morning.
My friend used bright red poinsettias at here family room window. 
She does not have excessive decorating touches...just a few
 touches of brilliant red to brighten up her tan and white room.  This year, more than ever my philosophy is to keep it all simple.  I don't know why, although maybe it is my how one thinks at my age:)  Come to think of it, she is my age too, and maybe that is why she chose simple too, this Christmas.
 This old urn was sitting on the wooden chest, across from the window with the pointsettias.   I like how she added the gold ornaments, red stars, and then a sprig of red pinecones.  So creative, and so simply beautiful!
 A few miscellaneous ways to decorate for
Christmas using nature's finest.
Happy Tuesday!


Stacey said...

Beautiful - the decorations and the snow. :)

Debbie said...

Loved this as always...Especially loved the picture of your mother's tree with the bird. Soo pretty. Living here in California, I love seeing the snow other's enjoy. Hope you have a good day!

Happy@Home said...

The idea of a simpler, natural Christmas is appealing to me too. I think you're right about the age thing ;).
The decorating ideas at your friend's and your house are both so pretty. How lovely to have it all topped off with a fresh snowfall. The picture of the bird in the tree is so pretty and peaceful.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your front porch is just beautiful! Love it completely!

Judy said...

So pretty...the greens and the berries and the snow! I love the photo of the bird on the snowy bough.

I have simplified my decorating over the last few years...though it's always tempting to do a 'little more'!

Melinda said...

All looks so festive!
Sometimes simple is better.

M :)

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of the bird on the branch covered with snow....it would look nice in a frame!
Hope you are having a nice week.

Unknown said...

Beautiful decorations as always.Your friends have great taste. I love your porch with those fantastic pots welcoming your guests. And snow already....I wonder when ours will arrive.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Best part about decorating with nature is no storage woes! I also went natural after realizing most Christmas related items were made in China...and wondered how the quirky stuff colored their understanding of Christmas.

Anneliese said...

Your front entrance looks so inviting and I love, love that photo of the little bird in the snow covered tree with berries on it! Perfect wonder and reminder of God's provision for the birds and His care for us.

Kathleen said...

I love the scene of the bird on the snow-laden bough. It's so Norman Rockwellish!

What a great idea for planters, too. I think I might even be able to replicate something like that myself.


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