Monday, November 26, 2012

A gathering at my brother's farm.
The old agate basin held the floating apples and candles.
One had to wonder how many Thanksgiving holidays the basin had been a part of, in it's long lifetime? 
Apple napkins and white plastic plates added to the festive feel of the evening.

Sandtarts were placed on the kitchen counter, and this little one can hardly believe that they were free for the taking.  Afterall, it was our extended family Thanksgiving celebration, and this was a part of it.  Carefully, she makes her selection.

A break from auditing, and from separate colleges, gave these cousins time to relax and catch up.

The men gathered around the pot-bellied stove:).   Just like in great-grandpa's day.
I am sure the one old rocking chair has it's own stories to tell, of times just like it in the years past.
There were games and prizes to go with it.
This little guy feels like it must be his lucky day, in that he got to pick out a piece of candy just for him.

The hostess of the evening, our sister-in-law, welcomes one of the two new puppies to join the group this year.  Her son and his wife recently got brother and sister puppies, and all ages seem to warmly welcome them to the gathering.

The perfect way to end the evening festivities, was with the most brilliantly, beautiful sunset.
Our hearts were filled with gratitude as we left the farm, for our long drive home.
Thank you for stopping by, and for the privilege of sharing another one of our farm events with you.  We feel most blessed to have a farm on both sides of our family, and whenever we have an event at one of them, it feels for us, like we are stepping away from daily life and stepping into another time period, and that is why I like to share it with you.  Both farms have lots of history behind them, and both offer us a step back into that history, with every visit.  Oh, if only wall could talk:)



Judy said...

Fun times on the farm...for all ages...and through the ages, I'm sure! Love the pot-bellied stove and the old rocker. And yes, it would be interesting to hear the stories that have been told right there over the years. What a beautiful sunset to end your time together!

Debbie said...

Love visiting with you are the farm. Wonderful pictures. Read your previous post too and sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. That's good! Enjoy your week!

lindsey said...

Your family has such great fun!

Christine said...

Picture perfect!
Don't you just love when the extended family gathers?

Happy@Home said...

Looks like a wonderful day at the farm. What a great place to gather the family together at.
I always enjoy your posts that feature this lovely farm and the warm family memories that are made there.


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