Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recently, I took another drive in the country.  Winding through many country roads, I admired the beauty of it all.  The destination I had in mind, was a tiny wooden house in the middle of flower gardens.

The lady that owns and operates it, may be there or she may not be there.  If she is not there when you arrive, she will show up within a few minutes, on her bicyle. 

It is no problem to wait for her, especially if you happen to have your camera in your purse.  There are the most amazing photo opportunities everywhere one looks.

This is where she comes to work everyday.  If she needs water, she goes out to the pump and gets it.  It is here that she creates all sizes and designs of flower arrangements, in the quietness of the farm country.

Her furry little friend is her constant companion.  I have learned in my visits to her business, that she has many friends and many return customers.  I can totally understand why this is so.  She is so talented and so warm and caring. 
On this day, I had brought her an old condiment container with four little crystal bottles in it.
I set it down on the counter of the house and asked her to please fill it with rose buds and tiny flowers.
She studied it, and then headed out to her rose garden, with me right behind her.  With the sun shining overhead and the aroma of roses in my nostrils, I was so savoring every moment in that garden.

She studied, she cut, and then she brought them in and started her project.
The arrangement was for a milestone birthday for someone special.
For me, it was like watching a master flower artist, who doesn't know she is a master flower artist.

Here is the finished product.  I took this picture on my kitchen table before giving it away.
I liked it simplistic, and yet elegant beauty so much, that I used the picture as my banner picture.  That way, even though I gave it away, I still have it with me.

I just am thrilled to share the gifts that God has given to individuals in this world.
I hope it inspires you to use the gifts that you have been given, because you can rest assured people like me, will always be blessed by them.

Thank you for stopping by.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word, I would LOVE to have a place like this to visit! Tell me more. Is this a BUSINESS for her? Does she charge to do it or is it a fun hobby??? I LOVE this! I would love to be HER!!!

Judy said...

So pretty! And are inspiring us to do 'a little something' like that as well. My collection of little salt & pepper shaker vases came about as a result of seeing them here on your blog.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Nonny, Yes, it is a business for this lady. She started it a few years ago and it has just blossomed. She has done weddings, corporate occasions, and many different events, where she creates flower arrangements right in that little house with one room, and no electricity. She definitely has an artistic gift with flowers. She does not have any business cards either, but she does not need any. Word of mouth is still the best advertisement. Thanks for the questions.

Carla said...

Love Vera!! I am headed back to her tomorrow for another arrangement...

corners of my life said...

I would love to spend a week in that little cottage relaxing and refreshing.

Happy@Home said...

I can't think of a lovelier place to go for a fresh flower arrangement. This little house looks absolutely charming. I like how you and the lady worked together to come up with such a beautiful arrangement. The recipient will, no doubt, be thrilled to receive it. You are so clever to make it into your header photo before giving it away.

momof3girls said...

Beautiful roses! I love the photos you share!


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