Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh how I like this time of year, when everywhere I look I see  a vast array of colored hydrangeas.
This is the first bouquet I brought into my house this summer.
It makes me happy each time I look at it.
Sometimes I wish I would have planted some blue hydrangeas too.

In the dollar bins at my local Michael's store, I once in a while find some fun treasures.
Of course, I am a fan of Paula Deen's cooking show and magazines, but I was not aware of the fact that she was creative in other areas.
I discovered packs of notecards in the bins, that she had designed.
In my mind, they were well worth the 1.00 a pack for 8 cards and 8 envelopes.
I bought a few packs home to put away for the times that small gifts are needed.

But first, I took off the plastic wrap, added some necessary(to me) touches of glitter to dress them up.


Then added a ribbon and a dragonfly sticker in the middle of the tie.
If I had real or faux blue hydrangeas, I would tuck a small one into the ribbon center of this pack.

I will put these away to use when the need arises.
A tiny, yet pretty gift for only a few cents over the dollar.
Yes, less than a card at the store.


I thought her "eggs in a basket" cards were so well done too.
There again, I added some touches of glitter to the center of the little pink flowers, and a dot to the flowers on the towel by the eggs.

Interestingly, my grandma used to tell me, "not to put all my eggs in one basket", so of course I would like this pack of notecards.


Again, I added a cream satin ribbon, knotted it and added a delicate, white, glittered sticker.
The stickers were on a sheet from the K&Company.

Here is the Martha Stewart ballpoint tip glue pen that I have had on had for a long time.  I just touch the tiny areas that I want glitter, and then sprinkle very lightly some of  the Martha Stewart iridescent fine glitter.
I took a macro photo and am not sure why those imperfections in the wood table, show up like they do.
The pen and the glitter last a long time, and can be found at Michael's Store.

One more pack of notecards from Paula, that I dressed up a bit.

If you invite me over for coffee, I may just bring you a pack of cards:)

Like always, the outside of notecards are not near as important as what is written on the inside.
Sharing a note from your heart is a very special gift that you can give someone.  I know that for a fact.  Many a trip to the mailbox has proven that to be true for me.  Call me old fashioned, but I still like the United States Postal Service and all it has done, and continues to do for me.
Thank you for stopping by on this very hot, humid day of June.


lindsey said...

You've done a great job with those cards...what a clever idea.Here in the UK we have had so much rain and cold water we seem to have missed the flowers blooming...maybe they will come soon

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love a hand written note or letter too! Those note cards are beautiful!

Happy@Home said...

I think hydrangeas are beautiful in any color.
I had no idea Paula Dean designed cards. These are so pretty. I admire the way you add your personal and pretty touches to them. I am thinking you will get lots of invitations to coffee in the near future :).
I really like the idea of that glue pen. Next time I'm at Michael's I will be picking one up.
I agree with you on the US Post Office. It still makes me happy to receive a handwritten letter or card.
Love your header picture and that sweet yellow bird on the sidebar.
This comment is getting very long, but I couldn't end it without thanking you for your very kind comment today dear Judy.
You are a very special lady.

Kris said...

Oh fiddlesticks! I had to zip into Michaels today for one skein of yard to finish my afghan, and as I quickly passed the dollar bins, I going, you are in a hurry. I have lots of her cute I must get back to find the ones with the eggs!!!! I think they are a great value too. I have her recipe cards too and they make cute little gifts.
XO Kris

Judy said...

You find the best of treasures in those dollar bins...and dollar stores. Beautiful cards...and even more so by the time you are done with them! I think you have a storehouse of crafty gift and cards on hand at all times. Thanks for passing along your inspiring ideas!

Kathleen said...

My oldest granddaughter is in college in No. California so I send her cards & letters quite often. She loves getting something hand written from me (with a $20 tucked inside :)

As for creating something of my own ...

I share your love of hydrangas!


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