Monday, June 4, 2012

Friday evening, in our part of the country was filled with storms and lots of rain.  As I sat on my porch in the midst of it all, I prayed for our friends whose son and daughter were getting married the next day.  You see, the wedding was held in a church, but the reception was going to be held outdoors. 
The location for the reception was a tree farm that was owned by the bride's grandpa for many years.  As a little girl, she spent hours of time at the farm and did dream of maybe someday getting married on the grounds.f
The wedding and reception were beautiful!  I know how much I enjoy seeing pictures of weddings and thought you might like that too.

Many of these pictures were captured by my neice and her mother.  I am most grateful that they shared their expertise with me, so that I could share them with you.

The above picture is the lane to the tree farm.

Despite the fierce storms the night before, the weather was perfect on this Saturday evening.  We were all thankful for answered prayers.

One could tell that many hours of time were spent on sprucing up the grounds of this old farm.

The bride has two sisters and a brother.  I understand the bride and groom's families spent hours of time preparing for this big day.  I was also told that the bride's youngest sister was the creative genius behind the vintage decor of the tent.  The old pieces of furniture, the old wooden window frames, the old everything were put together in such an amazing fashion, that one actually felt like one was in the midst of weddings from a Victoria magazine.
Borrowing from friends and family, flea markets, and garage sales, she produced beauty for all of us.
Two of her uncles have a flower and produce business which helped in
all the gorgeous flowers involved.  At age 20, this young girl certainly has a bright future ahead.  She is also a gifted photographer and did all the pre-wedding and engagement pictures for her sister. Actually, I heard that all of the girls in the family are quite gifted.

My neice was the reception photographer and spent lots of time capturing special moments.

Upon arriving at the farm, this was the receiving line, where the bride and groom greeted all the guests.  It was the first time that we personally met the bride, and we were blessed by her warm, vivacious personality.  We have known the groom and his family for a few years, and know what a fine, young man he is.




Pictures of the couple graced the old, wooden barn door.


The evening dance floor, surrounded by strings of lights.

Everywhere one looked, were touches of beauty.

The tent which had withstood the wind and storms from the night before.


The placecards were hung on the old wooden shutters.

The table located at the entrance to the tent, and filled with memorabilia.

The table centerpieces with old canning jars, filled with fresh flowers, and placed on lace doilies.


I can't imagine a prettier place in which to place a wedding cake.  The evening shadows on the lake, added the perfect backdrop for the old chest, flowers, and cake.  I wonder whose room she borrowed this chest from?  What an artist mind she was blessed with!

My dear husband and me, as we were about to enter the tent.

The drink table.  Another carefully thought out location.


The groom's mother.  An elegant, gracious southern lady, whose warmth and kindness added joy to the event.  She also is a gifted party planner.

The couple's first dance as husband and wife.


The ambience of tent was enhanced by all of the tiny, twinkling lights that were carefully placed everywhere.  It was the first wedding to be held at this tree farm, and none of us will forget it.


The head table with the lake behind it.  I wanted to sit in the tent for hours and soak in the magical moments.

The evening ended with a fireworks display.  What a memorable time we all had in our night in the country.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you could enjoy the beauty shared.


Judy said...

So beautiful...from beginning to end. And how nice that the storm passed through earlier without disprupting the wedding. Thanks for sharing.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I do love looking at wedding photos too and so enjoyed these. Sweet couple and beautiful venue ~ all the thought and care in decorating resulted in a most lovely wedding. Thanks so much for sharing!

Lovella ♥ said...

Judy, I so enjoyed seeing the wedding setting. What a gorgeous setting. I love where the cake was set and the attention to detail was lovely.
So sweet to be greeted by the bride and the groom.
You look just lovely as always! said...

I know I've sid it before, but I have never seen so many beautiful weddings than the ones you are blessed to be a part of. You should do a book on weddings! I PROMISE... I would buy it! :)

This was delightful, I enjoyed every picture.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Absolutely beautiful on so many levels! I hope one day there will pictures taken there again.. of the bride and groom as parents with their babies as they come along.

Kris said...

Just beautiful!!

Marilou said...

Just a small correction, the girl that decorated (the brides youngest sister) is only 17, not 20, which makes her skill level and creativity even that much more amazing!

lindsey said...

This looks like a wonderful day, all the decorating is so pretty and a lovely photo of you and hubby!

Kathleen said...

Wow. I doubt I've ever seen a wedding that was as personally crafted as this one. All the attention to detail gives the event such a warm & loving tone. It's far more memorable than many of the sterile (although lovely) ceremonies I've attended in the past.


Happy@Home said...

Amazingly beautiful is what I would call this wedding. The attention to detail is amazing and everybody/everthing looks just beautiful!! So glad you shared it.

Anneliese said...

Just had a nice little visit as I scroled theough your latest delights...that wedding cake table (chest) is the most original and beautiful one I've seen.


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