Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last evening, we gathered together to celebrate one special little girl's 5th birthday.
I set the table with my vintage tablecloth(a Christmas gift from my daughter), and white plates, except the birthday girl.  Her plate was pink to make her feel special!
For the centerpiece, I used a handmade basket from a friend, two soft stuffed kittens from a box in the attic, and flowers from the garden.  To add a touch of light, I added a battery operated string of lights to it all.
I used some of my old milk bottles to serve the chocolate milk to the children.  To add color I added tiny candy bracelets on the bottles and bright colored straws. 

I added pink ribbons on the necks of the kittens, and some extra "happy birthday" tags.

I also added some battery operated votives in small glass containers for my lit ambience.

The birthday girl requested a doughnut cake as her birthday cake.  I purchased some freshly made, glazed doughnuts, drizzled them with chocolate and sprinkles.  I used a large round platter, put the fruit pedestal in the middle and surrounded the fruit with the doughnuts.  I added five colored candles.

When one asks for a doughnut cake, the healthy side of my grandma's heart, says we also need fresh fruit.  Using my small flower cookie cutter, I cut flowers out of watermelon slices, cut peaches into chunks, and added a blueberry.  I had the flower picks to hold it all together.
I found out it was a big hit...doughnuts and fruit.

Yes, I used a white plastic garbage bag to wrap the gift, of a backpack for school in the fall.
I love seeing the looks of anticipation on the children's faces...

...and the look of sheer delight, upon receiving the dvd she had so hoped for.

Family times are treasured moments for all of us, especially for this older and younger brother.  The oldest one recently graduated from high school and in a few weeks, will leave for college.  We are so proud of him!
The younger brother eagerly awaits his 6th birthday in 8 days.

Thanks for stopping by and helping to celebrate a special birthday!


Kris said...

There is nothing like those sweet family celebrations! Happy birthday to both kids, and congrats to the graduate!!! Pretty table you set!!
XO Kris

Melinda said...

Looks like the birthday girl had a great party.

A doughnut cake---OH YEA!!!!


Jeane` said...

You have a long history of making birthdays magical and memorable! Thank you soooo much for giving this gift to my children as well! LOVE you!

lindsey said...

What a wonderful party at Grandma's house! That cake is fantastic and I love all the table decorations...especially the little milk bottles with candy bracelets ;)Well done Grandma!!

Christine said...

I really appreciate how you celebrate special days.
The honored guest always rejoices in delight.
They are truely loved.

Judy said...

So many reasons to celebrate...and you always make the celebrations special. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure your granddaughter will never forget all the special touches.

Anneliese said...

How very special it must be to have a grammy who puts on a BD party for you! Cute fruit skewers! Kids love them!


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