Thursday, June 28, 2012

In the hours and moments that I have with these little ones, I am trying to take the time to teach them the great importance that thoughtful gestures can have, in living one's life.

I want them to know the value of little deeds of kindness that help share joy in life.
That little demonstrations of love and care can go far in this life, in blessing others and making their lives just a bit happier.

I also want to teach them the beauty, fragrance, and uniqueness of all the flowers of the garden(however small my garden may be).
On their own, they asked if they could pick bouquets of my limited choice of flowers, to take home to their mother?
Of course, I was thrilled with that inquiry.

Together we picked a few flowers and ferns.  We brought them into the kitchen, and together we arranged them in an old jelly jar and an old salt shaker. 
I am not a florist, although I wish I was, but I tried to show them how not to clump them all together.  I was so happy that they were interested in completing the project, knowing that they were doing it for someone that they love so much.

Even the younger one took interest.
She went out and brought in two more pink flowers to add to the bouquet.  Never mind that they were stemless:)  Maybe she just thought it needed a touch more color.


"True isn't much

that I can do,

But I can share

my flowers with you...

And sometimes share

your burdens, too..."

~Maude T. Preston


What these little ones give back to us often times, is the gift of laughter.
It truly is a theraputic gift.

"The little things

That make life sweet

Are worth their weight in gold;

They can't be bought

At any price

And neither are they sold."

~Estelle Waite Hoover

"In case you ever run out of gift ideas, here's a little tip:  give me your laugh.  Whether it's mischievous, tender, loud, or quiet, simply give me a laugh from your heart.  Your laughter brings me never-ending joy."

~Helmut Walch

And, then at the close of my day, came another one of the best gifts ever, in my book.
God shared another one of His amazing sunsets across the sky for me, and I silently sat there and soaked in it's beauty.

"The richest gifts

we can bestow

are the least marketable."

~Henry David Thoreau

It is a gift from you to me, whenever you stop by to visit this blog.  Thank you!



Judy said...

I love that...the gift of laughter! So true...that is one of the best gifts. And grands are just the best at providing us with reasons to laugh! Sweet post...sweet pic's.

Sheryl said...

oh i have missed stopping by your blog!! looks like life is still full of blessings for you.

Anneliese said...

Love that photo of you with the 3 grands! Beautiful smiles all around!


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