Sunday, August 14, 2011

We visited their great-grandma at the village last week.

The littliest ones love going there to visit.  The aquariam is always intriquing to them.

Grandma and granddaughter share moments of conversation together.

Needlework and carefully made crafts are framed and displayed in the hallways.  It amazes me how talented the residents are in creating these masterpieces.

This scene touched my heart, as I was getting ready to say goodbye.  A lady was playing beautiful music on the organ in the lobby.  I saw this couple sitting there holding hands while listening to the music.  How tender!  Each visit leaves me with a new appreciation for those in this phase of their lives.  I feel like we all (young and old alike) profit from our time spent with our dear Mother, Mother-in-law, grandma and great-grandma.

Recently I read this poem and close this post with sharing it;

"Blessed In Aging"

"Blessed are they who understand
My faltering step and shaking hand
Blessed, who know my ears today,
Must strain to hear the things they say.

Blessed are those who seem to know
My eyes are dim and my mind is slow
Blessed are those who look away
When I spilled the tea that weary day.

Blessed are they who, with cheery smile
Stopped to chat for a little while
Blessed are they who know the way
To bring back memories of yesterday.

Blessed are those who never say
"You've told that story twice today."
Blessed are they who make it known
That I am loved, respected, and not alone.

And blessed are they who will ease the days,
Of my journey home, in loving ways."

~Esther Mary Walker

This poem serves as a good reminder to me, today.


Dale said...

What a beautiful post and I love your thoughts...such sweet little visits are so profound. Your poem is priceless.

Christine said...

You don't know how much this poem touched my heart!

Susan said...

What a beautiful post, Judy. My Mom has been in a nursing home for over a year now and she has said over and over how much she loves and appreciates visits from her family. I will print a copy of your poem as a reminder to myself and I think I'll take one to the nurses too.
Many blessings!

Judy said...

This post brought back memories...of all our visits to the nursing home when my dear MIL called it home. Every Sunday afternoon a community group would provide special music and a wee message. Love the poem!

LisaShaw said...

Dearest friend,

I love this beautiful sharing! Beautiful photos of your precious family and what a special time...

I MISS my Grandma and Grandpa dearly...

Love the lessons we can learn. Beautiful poem!

Love you!

debi said...

Judy what a constant blessing you are to me. I really needed to read that poem today. I have had some very difficult times dealing with my Mom and I needed to stop and be reminded just how difficult it is for her....and stop thinking about me!

Thanks my friend,



NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What a wonderful post! I loved seeing all the photos and hearing about such a great place.
I loved, really loved this poem too. My own MIL is in a nursing home and is failing, out of state, but this is such a great reminder that one day we will all be there.
Thank you for visiting me today.

corners of my life said...

Esther Mary Walker is very wise.


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