Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For weeks they have been asking when they can make the cupcakes...

I informed them that now was the time.  They were so excited!  But, like is so often the case, the two oldest ones got sidetracked, leaving the youngest to tackle the project by herself(with my supervision of course).  She was as proud as punch!  She stirred and stirred.  She separated the cupcake papers.  She was on her own and she was thrilled.

 By the time the cupcakes were ready to decorate, two more were added to the process.  I demonstrated the first one, and they promised that they had it down.  They were all ready.  Can I tell you, there was chocolate icing everywhere.  I had no idea what all this simple adventure would involve.

Seeing how seriously each one took their responsibility made me smile.   At this point, I did cut off the top of the bag, something I should have done before, but I was too busy wiping chocolate icing off of EVERYTHING...including my elbows:) 

A few years ago, I had purchases a pack of "tool" christmas tree ornaments at The Hobby Lobby store in Texas, on a visit with our daughter.  I had this exact idea in mind when I made the purchase.
We washed the tools, and laid a tiny piece of plastic wrap on top of five of the cupcakes, and placed an ornament on top.  Added some candles and the project was complete. 

Three little ones were pleased as can be.  Finally, their project was finished.  They could not wait until they could surprise the recipient with their culinary skills.
Why would I have tackled a project like this with three young children?
Why would I have been content to take the next few "hours"(not really), to clean up my kitchen? a special guy is having a birthday.

Tonight, they all will celebrate "him" together.  When dessert time comes, they will be ready.  Hopefully, he doesn't see this post before then:)

Our birthday greeting to him,  "Age is merely the number of years the world has been celebrating YOU!
Happy Birthday dear son-in-law!


Kathleen said...

OK, so you get my "most patient, creative grandmother" award! Those kids will never, never forget their kitchen-time with you. I'm thinking you won't either!

lindsey said...

The cupcakes look yummy...its so much fun baking with grandchildren...I am sure I have more patience with them than I did with my own children.
I expect their daddy was very pleased with his wonderful cakes

debi said...

Adorable photos of the grands! So glad you get to see them often!


Debbie said...

You must have the patience of Job and nerves of steel. I love the expression on your grandson's face; he looks like he's disarming a bomb! :D You must like you SIL a great deal to be willing to host such a project :D. Perhaps this is in my future too. You good grandma you!

Judy said...

What fun for your grands...and how pleased they will be to offer up their 'birthday cake' tonight!

Jeane` said...

Their daddy was SO pleased with his 'birthday cakes'...and their mama was so pleased they were done, ready--complete with candles--when the crazy event called 'dinner' was over! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much, mom!!! (otherwise he would have had a slice of watermelon with one candle stabbed in it's center).

Barb said...

Judy, wow, all children should have YOU for a grandmother. Goodness, you are amazing. I love the pictures.

Happy birthday to your son in law. What a happy family you are!

Barb ♥

Happy@Home said...

The big smiles on their faces sum up the success of this endeavor. How exciting it must have been when they presented them to the birthday boy.
You are such a patient and loving grandma, Judy. I am taking lots of notes.

corners of my life said...

You are a wonderful mother-in-law to help these kiddos make this birthday treat. Their faces say it all!

Privet and Holly said...

Love, love
that you did
this! It IS
amazing how a
seeming simple
baking project
can turn into
such a messy one
and I applaud
you for doing it
anyway. You have
a darling family!
xx Suzanne


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