Saturday, August 6, 2011

Outside the entrance door to a local country farm market, we discovered this enticing little stand.  Our noses led us here and our taste buds kept us from leaving:)   The big brown paper sign in front of the stand said, "Cider Doughnuts".  The aroma filled the air beckoning us to "come and try them".  Now, what is a person to do?

This lovely, gracious and friendly young lady was hard at work making doughnuts as fast as possible, and selling them as quickly as she made them.  It was her recipe, her business, and,  her smile added to the experience.  I love seeing business ideas come into fruition, especially when success follows. 

Our out-of-state friends could not resist the temptation to buy.  The doughnut bag was opened and offered to all of us.  Now, what is one to do?

As I sit here posting, with my hot cup of morning coffee, and see these pictures again, I find myself in a difficult situation.  Only 6 short miles lay between me and access to some hot, cider doughnuts...what is one to do?

My friends, it all started with the container seated on  the side counter of her stand, saying, "Try me".  The taste of that tiny sample was not a "good" thing for me.  What WAS good, is that I miraculously managed to only eat the sample piece, and was able to turn down those offered from our friend's brown paper bag. 
If you ever see a sign along the road for homemade cider doughnuts, I suggest you stop in immediately, especially if you have access, at the time, to a cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk:)


LisaShaw said...

Hi dear friend,

I bet those were delicious! I was a huge lover of them as a child. I remember the aroma well. :)

I've missed my visits with you and I'm so glad to be back in blogging but SO many friends to catch up with! Whew!!! :)

I'm glad to see you are doing well.

Love you.

Sheila said...

they look delish. Sound like a temptation I would easily yield to.

Marty said...

Judy, living in the same county often has me wondering exactly where you've been in some of your posts. This was is too irrestible not to ask you to message me with the address or location of this place - if you don't mind? Some day I'll cross paths and it would be fun to bring these beauty's back to share with the guys at work. Blessings on your weekend. LOVE your blog.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH Judy ..I'm this for me? I will surely tell my driver to stop if I see a sign in your neck of the woods. ..
One more sleep in Harrisonburg and we are on the road again.


PS. .my word verifcation is stock. .I guess I'll stock up on doughnuts if I get the chance.

Christine said...

What a great idea to go outdoors!
Let the aroma do the selling.
I'm the sensory type and smells will do it to me everytime.


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