Thursday, August 18, 2011

She has a great following and she takes it seriously.  She makes sure "her birds" are well taken care of during these "hot, very hot" and somewhat dry summer months.  They congregate in our back yard daily for food, and for this;

She(my wonderful Mother), placed two black rectangular containers, filled with water, on her stone wall.  Afterall," the birds need water to drink and bath in," she says.  Well, what do you know, bathe and drink they do.  Everyday, this is the scene I see as I look out of my kitchen window.  Today, I will share it with you.

Somedays there are more than this in each black container.  They always seem to be having a good time.  Like party central:)  In a way, she is their local "caregiver".

Meanwhile, upstairs, in my floor of our home, I could be labeled, their local "caregiver" during certain days of the week.  I lovingly take good care of them.  I make sure they are fed, and given plenty to drink.  And at "some" moments during their stay, they actually take good care of each other:)  Last evening I saw this scene taking place and grabbed my camera.  One has to capture precious moments like this one.

 Together, we care for birds and precious little ones, at this house.
Hope you have someone to care about" you".  I do.  I treasure all of your visits and comments.  They offer me refreshment in the hot, summer months.

Thanks for stopping by!


Debbie said...

IT is wonderful; caring and being cared for. I am always so touched when someone shows me how much they care! I wish I was a more thoughtful person; I have a friend who is so good at making others feel good. I study her!

Judy said...

'To love and be care and to be cared to feel the sun from both sides'. Great photos, Judy.

Barb said...

Judy, how precious is this post?! All the big things....the little they all interplay in our lives.

I love your attention to life. That is a you know that? You have such a grateful heart. You cannot imagine how much that speaks to my spirit. It does!

Hope your day is completely blessed.

Barb ♥

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Such a precious posting .... loved the photos of the birdies and the little ones.

It's heaven on earth....

koralee said...

Oh my goodness..your mom is soooo sweet...reminds me of something my grandma would of done! Such sweet images.
Thank you for your kind comments that you left me the other day...xoxoo


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