Thursday, July 28, 2011

Their white van pulled into the driveway and they jumped out.  Excitement was written all over their sweet, little faces.  My grandma's heart quickly surmised the situation at hand, and knew immediately that it was not seeing me that caused the detected sparkle in their eyes.  As they congregated around her, their mother opened the back door of the van and struggled to lift out a huge, real looking horse.  They said, "Mawmaw, this is "S'More" and she is going to live with you, if it is okay?"  I quickly learned that one of their older girl cousins had bequeathed this good looking horse to them, the evening before, with pink bucket of "straw", carrot, and hairbrush included.

I can't express to you their excitement and my apprehension.  The big, real looking horse was placed in my small play room and hurriedly they flipped her "on" switch.  It was uncanny to me how "real" this horse became.  It turned it's head, it actually chewed the "straw and carrot" with sound effects, it twitched it's tail, it made so many real life movements that I had to laugh.  No one can prepare grandparents for the situations that can come into play in daily life.  They eagerly watched for my reactions as they showed me each action the horse was capable of performing.  Really, I did not know anything like this existed and here it was sitting in my home.

After working to break up the fights that errupted over who gets to ride her first, and pulling out my trusty timer, I went to find my camera.  I wanted to document a few of these moments for you, knowing full well, the smiles it would bring you (especially in light of all the many difficult life situations you all are facing).

The littlest one took it all so seriously, and believed in her heart, that the straw was really being eaten.

She kept giving S'More(perfect name for the horse), more straw from the bucket.  Never mind the (cardboard pieces) straw that was now all over my playroom floor. 

This is one of my most treasured pictures, little girl and horse falling in love with each other.  Now, one more tidbit of "important" information I want to share with you, and that they asked to bring the other horse we already had, into the room so they ( the horses) could be friends:)

One small play room, two big horses, three thrilled little ones, and one smiling mawmaw.  How is that for an "over the top" post?

I do want you to know that the horses found themselves in storage rooms of our home, until the little ones visit again.  My granddaughter called this morning to see how S'More's night was?  Who would have thought I would find myself with an in-home stable of sorts.  Do you need me to board your horse?


Debbie said...

I love this! We too had a "S'more" at our old house where I had a wonderful play room for our grandkids. It was one of the few things I couldn't bear to give up when we moved, (the playroom, not the horse, haha) but it is what it is. How my grandkids LOVED that horse. I also had to use a timer for turns, haha...When we got ready to move the question became WHO will get S'more" grandma? We finally settled on he would move around and board at different houses (I have two sons with little ones) for a spell. They love it. Your right, can't believe the gear that they have got these days for little ones...soo fun. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

debi said...

Judy what a cute story. Would love to have seen your face when announced Smore would be staying with you :-)

They really are God's gifts...


Barb said...

Judy, this is the cutest post ever. That little horse is so darling and the kids are just precious!!


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said... cute. What a precious post.

And I agree..S'More looks REAL!

You truly know how to make memories for your precious grandchildren.

I hope S'More is having a great afternoon. lol

p.s.phyllis sews said...

That is a very sweet post! Your words and pictures tell a great story. Being a grandma looks and sounds so fun through what you share!

Christine said...

Grandma's have the BIGGEST hearts!
We'd do just about anything for those little guys, even keep horese that eat straw.

lindsey said... granddaughters would love this, they really enjoy ponies. Your grandchildren will want to be over at your house even more now. All our grandchildren run to our utility room which doubles up as a playroom when we know visits are due and they love to find all their toys which they only get to play with at Marmar and Parpar's

Stacey said...

How precious. They will enjoy that horse for many hours, I'm sure. Take lots of pictures.

Happy@Home said...

This is such a cute story. S'More is awfully cute and I can see why your grandchildren love him.
You are such a sweet grandma to be ready and willing to turn your playroom into a stable.

Lovella ♥ said...

I love it. ..calling to see how Smore's night was. What a hoot. Oh the things we accumulate as Grandma's. At least it wasn't a live miniature horse. .I did a double take.

OH ..and really? We'll meet? How absolutely wonderful.

corners of my life said...

What a fun story and how exciting for them. I am curious how this plan worked out so S'More didn't have to live in their house? Clever daughter?


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