Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At times I find it so difficult to believe that I am blogging.  The fact that "me", a rather private person, who tends to keep many of my thoughts and activities to the confines of my own family and friends, would open up my world to those of you who so kindly stop by to visit, is a bit baffling to me.  But, I am learning so much from all of you and the times that I have to pay visits to you at your blogs, has proven to be so valuable to me in my daily life.  I find inspirations, ideas, admiration, and education from all of you, that it keeps me involved in this wonderful blogging world that I entered a few years ago.  I learn that we are all growing, facing challenges, times of laughter and times of tears, and profiting from each others lives.  It continues to bless my life in many ways.  With all of that said, I will share the following three pictures with you.  My dear sister-in-law has photography expertise that many of us wish we had, and has completed many courses in the photography world.  Two weeks ago, she was presented with a complicated challenge of trying to capture a picture of our family in 10 minutes time.  Our oldest grandson had to be a work at a certain time, thus giving us only 10 minutes to photograph our group.  Please keep that in mind as you glance through these pictures:)  I do wish I could include the various sound effects of these minutes.

The family pet wants to play, and tries his hardest to convince the little guy of his desire, which certainly is not helping with our "almost impossible" project at hand.

Finally, he gives up and leaves the scene.  Meanwhile, our photographer is working feverishly to get everyone's attention.  Bless her heart!  She did a full day's work in 10 minutes time.  What a lady!

Finally, one that is "the best" that will happen for this group.  I used to dream of family pictures where everyone is color coordinated, sitting on a green hillside with smiles on all the faces, and each of their little hands folded...but, you know what?  I would not trade this group for anything, and  this truly does represent our lives at this time of life, with all it's busyness.
I hope you didn't mind my sharing a bit of our personal lives in all of it's simplicity.   Hopefully, it will bring you a smile today.

After the photography session:), we headed to the porch for our spaghetti dinner together.  The vinyl tablecovering and the white paper plates is also how we do things at this time of our lives.  Spills and spaghetti sauce clean up easily with this tablescape.
"Just a little something" for you today.


lindsey said...

Oh Judy, I know this experience only too well. On our recennt family visit we didnt manage the whole family photo I was hoping for...we didnt have a day when we were ALL together. But I did mange all the little ones which was a joy for all to watch.
Your family is lovely, what beautiful daughters and of course with you in there too, you are all so alike! And yes of course the colour coordination never does work does it? But what fun, and I wouldnt swap it either, how blessed we are!

debi said... so capture in perfect words what I get from blogging and from reading those of others. My friend I have learned more from you as far as the kind of Christin Woman I hope to be, the kind of loving Mother that you are, your creativity and your clear lens of what is good and of value in life.
I love the family photo, and I agree it is a moment in time that captured the "real" family!


Melinda said...

I think it is great to see the trueness of a family. i think sometime we get too serious on our blogs and not show "the real world"
we live in.
Love the pic and paper plates and vinyl tablecovers are just my speed.
We just need to keep it real sometimes.



Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh, I know how hard it is to get a picture with everyone there. I don't even care if they are all looking at the camera....forget smiling! I love the pics!I had to laugh when you said you use to dream about a picture with everyone matching, sitting on a hillside.....ME TOO! Ha Ha!

Landis said...

What a family...beautiful AND fun! You guys just keep growing and growing! :) Oh and I must say I looove your hairstyle!!

Judy said...

Oh...I can identify with the 'zoo' that photo sessions become! Your pictures are great...a moment in time. Love the dog trying to get in on the action! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life.

So did the oldest grandson have to leave without a chance to sit at the table? Poor guy!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Yes Judy, you are right! He was not too happy about it either. But, he works at a restaurant so he did not go hungry. Oh, the things they do for their grandmas:)

Miss Debbie said...

Sweet pictures! Our whole family is going to the beach together next week...I hope to get a family picture using a tripod and the timer on the camera. We'll see how that goes!! :-)

Christine said...

Your sweet complementary words to all your blogging friends touched my heart. You have such a wonderful way of giving back.

The family photos are cute, especially with the stories of the behind the scenes.

Love how you keep things real.

mK said...

Aunt Judy, you look sooo beautiful in these photos! This led my mind to think of Jeane's Christmas card photo which I loved! Thanks for sharing...and it was soo great to see you this past Sunday! :)

Crickit said...

I love your family photo's. They turned out really well! You have such a kind heart and I really enjoy your blog posts! :)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

So worth the effort. Group photos become more and more cherished over time. What a handsome family you have!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

C U T E family picture(s)! Yes, they brought a smile to my face! The dog is funny! You have such a beautiful family Judy!!! We have taken many of the same kind of family shots!!

What a fun day at the pond on a warm day!!!! Fun, fun!


Happy@Home said...

I am so glad you do share your family and talents with us through your blog. I receive so much inspiration through my visits here.
I can see your sister-in-law did have a challenge here, but she got some great shots of your beautiful family. I think #2 is my favorite. I like how the kids are looking at the dog as he exits the scene. Real life at it's best.

corners of my life said...

Beautiful smiles all around!

I, for one, are glad that you blog.

Kathleen said...

Oh my, how utterly familiar! Our family just did this same thing on Father's Day. The entire spectacle gave new meaning to the term: Herding cats!

Such a beautiful collection of people. I had trouble distinguishing between you & the "girls" :)


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