Saturday, July 9, 2011

It was a simple, busy celebration last evening, but it was "big" to a little guy who turned "5".
To add color to the table and recognize him, I covered a cardboard box with blue tissue paper, printed  some recent pictures of him, added two balloons, some race cars and car paper plates.

For the cake, I put two brownies baked in square pans, with chocolate icing, side by side and covered them with whipped cream.  For the road lines I used black licorice.  I added his favorite cars, candles, and some M&Ms for fun.   It took me only a few minutes to put this together since the brownies were done before hand.  He was happy with it!

The candles were blown out immediately.  Next thing he did...went for the candy.

It did not take long to have this simple creation, look like this. 

Yes, it definitely was a fun, but oh, so busy celebration.

"Mischief with dirt on his face,
 Boo-boos from running a race,
 Bubblegum stuck in his hair,
 The hope of the future to share."
                     ~Linda Latourelle

 Thank heaven for Little Boys!


Kathleen said...

Oh, what a SMART little boy, too - - heading straight for the candy. My kinda guy!

I love the way you capture the rythym of your family. It leaves we onlookers feeling included, a part of every happening.

Happy@Home said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!
You sure did come up with some cute and tasty ways to make the celebration fun and happy.
Your pictures are all so nice. I can imagine it was a busy time, but it will remain a wonderful memory for this little guy.

lindsey said...

Amazing cake, well done! His face is a picture he looks so delighted with it all. And those goodness they have grown, what beautiful hair they all have.

Christine said...

A little boys dream cake.
You have quite a flair when it comes to creating memories.

(I'm getting ideas from you also!)

Lovella ♥ said...

Very sweet. ..i can so relate. Love the cake. .oh wow ..I made plenty of that theme in my day.


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