Monday, July 11, 2011

"Home-grown goodness" I received this past weekend, and I want to share with you. 
Flowers from a good friend's garden that now grace my kitchen island.  A combination of vibrant colors, placed in a glass vase with a white tuelle bow...perfect!

The same friend's daughter just learned to make blueberry pies, pastry and all.  She shared one with us and I can't tell you how delicious it is.  I wish you could stop by for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.  In a dream world, that would happen on a Monday morning:)

"Ultra-sweet" tomatoes purchased for me by my mother, from a local well known tomato festival.  Tonight...our favorite BLTs with a slice of sharp cheese, a bit of mayo, and a slice of avocado.  Oh, I can't wait.  One of my summer highlights.

Lush green peppers and zucchinis, home-grown and delivered by my dear neice, when she stopped in at my house on Saturday morning.  The visit was to discuss some last minute shower details for an uncoming bridal shower, and true to her personality, she brought me a brown bag with these beautiful vegtables in it, right from her garden, plus six of the sweetest fresh peaches of the season.  I can't show you those since we already ate them.  Oh, the many joys of the summer.

My pink rose buds look so pretty in the tiny crystal salt shaker, I found on Saturday,at an antique store, for .50.

This my friends, is the best "home-grown" present ever!  I received this picture from my daughter on Saturday.  Pleased as can be, she loves eating the food herself, and much prefers adult food to baby food.  On this "hot" sunny Monday, I hope this little one's precious, toothy, grin will bring you your own smile today.


Denise said...

Your sweet little granddaughter looks like her grandma! Thanks for sharing.

Mammy said...

I've got lots of homegrown veggies right now too and it's one of the real treats of the summer, isn't it? Love the baby's picture. She is adorable!

Melinda said...

There is nothing like summer produce. It is so good.
I bet that pie was good too.
Love the last pic! What a happy face.

Stay cool.


Judy said...

Your right...the last photo is the best homegrown treat of all! Very sweet.

Love all the 'fruits' of summer! Enjoy your BLT's tonight.

Christine said...

When you first saw that toothy smile, did it take your breather away?Precious!

Happy@Home said...

Your friend shared a most beautiful vase of flowers with you and that pie looks so good. I like the thought of sharing a piece of it with you with a cup of coffee.
The fresh from the garden vegetables are such a welcome sight at this time of year. I love BLTs with homegrown tomatoes.
Your granddaughter's latest picture is so very sweet. She is a darling little girl.


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