Friday, July 22, 2011

"Five years" ago, this beautifully created, chocolate groom's cake, was a special part of a memorable wedding reception.

"Five years" have pasted since that memorable day. " Happy 5th Anniversary" to our daughter and son-in-law, today!  You both continue to bless our lives in so many ways.  Wishing you a fun day together!

Speaking of blessings...these two visited this week and what fun they are, as they are rapidly approaching their second birthday.  I continue to have trouble telling them apart.

As I mentioned previously, my nephew's wedding pictures will be shared in the near future.  These gerbera daisies created a beautiful wedding for them.

Today it is to reach 100 degrees here.  Hope you stay cool wherever you call home.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my simple joys.


Judy said...

July seems to be the month of weddings! Happy anniversary to your daughter and SIL on their 5th.

I can see where you might get your grandsons mixed up. Carbon copies...and very sweet ones!

As for the 100 degree temperatures...we have a little hard time identifying with that over here on the west coast. That is way too hot! Stay cool.

Kathleen said...

If you shared nothing more than the pictures of those adorable twins, it would have been enough. They look so full of life (and energy)!

I'm a huge gerbera daisy fan. They grow well here in the Pacific NW too.

Your record temps are incredible. We've had record cool & wet. I'd love for summer to arrive, but I'm thinking cool/wet trumps hot/muggy. Something tells me you have a little something with which to thrive there :)

Blessings & hugs,

Happy@Home said...

Happy Anniversary to your daughter and son-in-law. They are a very nice looking couple.
Your little twins are so cute. I can see why you have trouble telling them apart.
It's supposed to be near 100 here today too. We're going to my nephew's wedding later in the day.
Enjoy your day and keep cool.

debi said...

I think I won't complain about the mid 80's....hope the heat ends for you very soon.

The little twins are too cute, and I too would have a hard time knowing who is who. :-)

Gerber daisy photo is just beautiful.

Stay cool my friend!


Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary to your daughter and SIL...What a cute couple! And those grandsons! What a pair of wonderful you have trouble telling those little dolls apart. Soo hot! Stay cool as best you can and enjoy your week-end!

Christine said...

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who can't tell twins apart.
They are adorable with those blonde, curls.

Have a great weekend!


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