Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Evolution of a Needed Centerpiece

I had the crystal candlestick holders, I had the mirror, but I needed a tall crystal pedestal plate to set in the middle. I decided to do what I have done many times and that is, to create one myself. I found the sturdy goblet and the crystal plate at the "Dollar Tree". With my trusted, amazing "Goop"(a contact adhesive), I finished my project. Now, I just needed something to set on the pedestal plate to give it the finished look.

Imagine how very excited I was to find this fresh flower arrangement at my favorite Rt. 322 farm. The two dear ladies that raise the flowers, create so many beautiful, unusual arrangements. When I stopped at their small roadside stand, they had the perfect thing to go on my new pedestal plate. Even the colors of the flowers were perfect!!!
Now, don't you think the finished product looks good on the mirror? What makes it even better for me is the cost. A total of $ 8.00. Two dollars for the pedestal plate and $ 6.00 for the flowers. The candles lit and the lights dimmed...and the centerpiece is complete. I have discovered many uses for "Goop". It is a very strong adhesive. You never know when you might find a special little blessing along your daily route. Alma and Bertha sure do nice work!

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