Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ways to Create Magnetic Boards with Recycling

A dear friend of mine works for an Interior Decorating company. When the wall paper books expire, or are no longer needed, they find creative ways to dispose of them. When she saw this particular book, she thought of me. No one has ever given me an expired wall paper book before, and quite honestly, I was not sure what to do with it. I purchased a plain white, magnetic board at Target, and this is what evolved ...a gift for my athletic grandson, to hang in his room. He has been playing la crosse in school so this wall paper and border were perfect to use in covering his board. I used spray glue as the adhesive. The magnets were purchased also at Target. He will hang it in his room and use it when school starts.
I purchased another plain white magnetic board at Target and used this wall paper and border in the same way. The magnets I used in this one are cut outs from the extra wall paper. I glued them on thick paper, cut them out, and glued them onto small round magnets that I had on hand, from Michaels. I added some touches of glitter and a black strip of paper down the center. I do not have plans for this one although I think it would make a nice, inexpensive gift for someone.
A year ago, I purchased a stack of old, ugly metal trays from an antique mall, for $ 1.00. I took one of them and sprayed it with black board spray paint from KMart. I then proceeded to decorate it with vintage stickers on small round magnets, and a few fancy tart molds that I also glued onto magnets. I set the finished tray on a black stand that I found at Walmart. If you have a vintage kitchen, this may work as a communication board for your family. Actually, this tray could be decorated in many different ways. I have sprayed some of them white and some in bright colors. Sometimes I use old buttons, or vintage flowers which I glue onto the magnets. Sometimes, I just use chalk to write messages on the black board surface. Since reminders are a daily part of my life lately, magnetic boards work for me. Judy

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Jeane` said...

Rick really likes his lacrosse board! Only you could find a way to creativily utilize an 'expired' wall paper book! Lovely posting, as usual...

Maybe there is a buyer out there for that stunning butterfly board??



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