Friday, July 4, 2008

A Day to Celebrate our "Freedom"

It is July 4th, and here is my fun way of starting out the holiday for my family. A wish, written with kethcup, on their plate of breakfast eggs, ham and muffins. They always smile when I do this, and I am never sure exactly what that "smile" means. This is the container that I use many times in my serving food to them. I sometimes write "I love you" on their plates. Sometimes I write "congratulations", if that is called for. Just an expression of my heart, done with ketchup...or chocolate syrup, if it is a dessert. "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary"...whatever. At a restaurant in Florida, on our anniversary, they brought out our "mud pie" with "Happy Anniversary" written beautifully on the plate. I will not forget that detail of our dinner.
I found this red spray bottle at a local dollar store yesterday. Right away I thought of July 4th. I purchased it, and filled it with my favorite cleaner, for a hostess gift. It will be given to my daughter, when we go to her home for lunch, today. And, just in case you are interested in knowing, what is in my favorite cleaner, it consists of 1 cup white vinegar, 1 TB of dish detergent and the rest, water. I have spray containers in many different locations of my home. I use them so often. It does a great job, with an old tee shirt, in cleaning my windows.An empty pear can, a few red and blue ribbons, and a bit of hot glue, and this little can is ready, to fill with flowers. Down the street from my daughter's home, lives my 89 year old friend. This little can of flowers will be just a fun way to say " Happy July 4th " to her. My philosophy is not the gift, but the thought behind the gift. And now, most importantly, is the HUGE GIFT that our military men and women give to us, as Americans, everyday...the gift of FREEDOM. Today, we salute them for their tremendous sacrifice! On a personal note, a special thanks to my son-in-law, nephews, cousin and uncles...I am proud of you!May your July 4th, be a meaningful one for you. Judy


Jeane` said...

...And what a fortunate recipient of that patriotic bottle of cleaner I am!!!! I tried it (leaving the ribbon, label and flag on, of course!)and it works far, far better than my plain little bottle of Windex! :)
Thank you so much for giving me such a colorful gift...but even more for the gift of FUN and PLAY that will last for YEARS to your grandchildren. I think the sun might be breaking through the clouds. As soon as it does, and as soon as the munchkins are up and about, they'll be OUT and about!!!
Lots of love,

Luzie said...

Well, that is nice and all, but for MY family, I made red, white and blue flag-shaped pancakes with syrup that when you poured it, fireworks flew out and the heat from them caused the star shaped butter pats to melt all over the pancakes! All this while I sang The Star Spangled Banner for them...accapello. So, I don't mean to diminsh your ketchup writing or anything, but I just thought I would share the vast amount of love I have for my family!! Wait till you see what I have planned for Yom Kippur!!! :)

Happy Day!!
Your sis!!


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