Monday, July 7, 2008

Ways to share summers's beautiful flowers

Flowers have a way of making people feel good-that is why I enjoy them so much. I grew up with two dear grandmas that loved flowers, and at an early age taught me to appreciate them, by taking me walks through their gardens. Flowers help us to connect with each other in different ways, whether they help dry up another's tears, or bring smiles to a friend's face. This small bouquet was created by folding a lace doily in the shape of a cone and putting two small staples in the back. The flowers are stuck in a small plastic tube filled with water, from the florist. Add a ribbon tied to each side, and you can hang this on a friend's doorknob or a kitchen cupboard knob. Small, simple and yet expresses whatever you want to say.
I purchased this bouquet today, from a little roadside stand, by an Amish farm. The price was $ 5.00. I thought it was a great deal and whoever did the arranging, was quite artistic. My grandma, in the nursing home will be so thrilled to receive it. Sunflowers always brighten a day with their sunny faces. If I have a few extra hours to spare, you will find my at an antique mall, or a flea market. I am always drawn to small glass bottles like old ink wells and crystal salt and pepper shakers, and crystal pedestal plates. I saw this arrangement in a magazine and thought I would try it. I filled the small bottles with roses from my garden. I think it looks nice on the old wooden table by the window. Another way I like to do a centerpiece, is to use one of my glass bowls filled with water ,floating the heads of different flowers, and candles. I think it looks even prettier when set on a mirror. I picked the pink hydrangeas from the bush in my garden. It is an inexpensive way to brighten up a table. Sometimes I use daisies or roses for a different look.
The clear floating balls were purchased in a pack from the craft department at Walmart. They add a nice touch, also. God artistically grew many, beautiful flowers for us to enjoy . Hopefully, you will take time to look at them, pick some of them, and share some of them with others. Judy

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Jeane` said...

It's a beautiful posting, mom! You're getting so good at this...
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