Wednesday, July 26, 2017

 Banana Peels..."While holding the peel in place, tape it using a piece of surgical
tape...Leave the banana peel poultice on overnight.  In the morning, the banana peel
should have drawn the splinter/glass sliver to the skin surface, making it ready for
easy removal with the tweezers."  ~  Google Search, "do banana peels help
remove splinters"

A few months ago, when I had a wooden splinter in my hand, I found this home
remedy on Google.  I hesitantly tried it and it worked for me.  On Sunday
afternoon, the inevitable happened.  She stepped on a sliver of glass from a
broken votive, that we thought we had thoroughly cleaned off the floor.  Believe
me, this was a "serious" happening:).

Even if your mother is a nurse.  Even if she was approaching the glass sliver
with utmost love and care.  Yes, this was big!:)

Finally, most of the sliver was removed, and the banana peel was placed on the
foot, with the hope of removing what was left.  The next morning, the foot was
fine.  The pain of walking was gone.  We are not sure if the banana peel did it,
or if her mother had removed it all originally.  But, just in case you ever find
yourself in the same situation, you may want to try this remedy.

Or, you may prefer serving the bananas for a snack after nap time.  Either way, we
are grateful for those popular bananas.

On a different note, a few weeks ago, our oldest daughter planned three days of
"Camp Nay" for her children and our middle daughter's children.  Her vast
amount of creativity and energy was displayed here, as she decorated her 12
passenger van, and made yellow tee shirts for her campers.  They all had the
best three days, thank to her ingenuity and enthusiasm.

And, at the end of the three days of camp, she had a planned out an award's
ceremony, including printed out character awards for every single camper. Not
one was left out, including the smallest one that stayed with me each day, having
his own fun.

They are all talking about next summer's "Camp Nay" now.  From what I hear,
she is the best camp director ever!

We celebrated our grandson's birthday in the midst of the camp celebration.  His
choice for a birthday cake...donuts.  Glazed and sugared to be exact.

We are so thankful for him, and the 11 years that God has given to him.  Here
he and his friends celebrate with the donuts.  What a fine group of friends he has!

Colorful glasses add to the festivities. 

You may want to add these dollar store treasures to your birthday celebration.  It
will certainly add smiles to the fun. 

There you have it, a post about banana peels, homemade camping, and a colorful
family celebration.  I do hope you are given a reason or two to smile today!
Thank you for stopping here!


Christine said...

Love your fun loving, crazy happy, adventurous seeking and creative family.
The donuts cake is one for the books!

Judy said...

Lots to smile about here! What a fun summer camp for your grands...and a most creative camp director. Love it!


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