Thursday, July 20, 2017

I wanted to add light to one of the darker corners in my kitchen.  I had a small white
spotlight in my cupboard.  I sat that behind this planter and filled it with four small
palms from my local grocery store/garden store.  For now, I am happy with this
simple addition.

Our granddaughters had an unexpected sleepover the other evening, here at our home.
They asked to borrow their grandfather's tee shirts to sleep in.  I really like this
early morning picture!  Seriously, it was 6:00am.

Since they slept over, and since they always enjoy baking, I had them bake banana
bread.  I know I shared this very easy way of making banana bread before, but every
time I bake it, we are reminded of how delicious it is!  I had them make it by
themselves.  I love that they are growing up!  You know this recipe would be good,
since it is made by the Chiquita Company.  The recipe is right on the box, and
calls only for bananas, eggs, and water.  We added vanilla, yellow raisins, and
chopped pecans.  On the box, it says that chocolate chips are optional too.

They took their banana smashing quite seriously:)

 Before baking, they sprinkled cinnamon sugar lightly over each loaf.

While waiting for the loaves to bake, they colored in my adult
style coloring book.  We were headed to a local retirement
village, to visit a lady who resides there.  They
were sharing the pictures that they colored and loaves
of freshly baked banana bread with her.

The two boxes of mix, made three big loaves and six small loaves.

They both think that the taste testing is the best part of
this whole baking process.  All of us agree here, that
this is one of the best banana bread recipes.

Speaking of quick, easy, and so delicious.  This morning I made a potato and egg
dish for my husband.  I took a can of Fresh Cut Diced New Potatoes, drained the
small pieces and dried them with a paper towel. 

I then added Morton Season All.  One of my favorite seasonings, that my Amish
friend introduced me to, when I was raving about the chicken she served us.

 I sautéed the potatoes in a bit of butter until they were lightly browned.  I added
the scrambled egg mixture, covered with a lid, cooked them, stirring a few times
while cooking.  Right before serving, I added a light amount of shredded cheese,
salt and pepper.  It was a hit with my husband, so I thought I would share it
with you.

I used to be totally opposed to using canned vegetables, but now they have
made vast improvements on them, and I like serving them once in a while.
This is such a quick, simple way to whip up a breakfast, and can be served
with a small loaf of banana bread.

My sister-in-law introduced me to one of their favorite ways of serving eggs, and it is
now one of our favorites too.  The extra special part of this method, is that she used heart
cutters, instead of circles.  Just adds a bit of love to an ordinary breakfast.

It is Thursday, and it is so hot and sticky.  I hope you have a good
day and that you stay cool.  May these fresh flowers I captured with my phone,
at the local market, bring a smile to your day!
Thank you for stopping by!


Anneliese said...

There's a few people you made happy with the baking ... not just the girls doing the prep, but also the ones who enjoyed it. Double blessings.

Lovella ♥ said...

I have never seen the chiquita banana bread mixes here but I am going to look for them next time we cross the line. Such a great way for littles to make their own breads. It has been so great to be back here visiting Judy!

corners of my life said...

"Egg in the Middle" was our every Saturday breakfast when the kids were young. A family favorite.

Judy said...

Now that looks like a fun and memorable 'impromptu sleepover'! You have me wishing for banana bread right about now. You always know how to brighten a real life and on your blog!


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