Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Black Eyed Susan flowers.  They add charm to any garden or landscape.  They are easy
to grow, low maintenance and quick growing.  They are good flowers for beginners to
grow.  They are drought and heat resistant, making them ideal for hot and dry climates.
And, best of all, these flowers will reseed after the first season, so you will have
flowers next year, without having to replant. 

The flowers will bloom prolifically between early summer and early fall.  As a
bonus, they will attract bees and butterflies.  They are lovely to cut for bouquets
too.  ~info from ...  funflowerfacts.com/

While visiting my friend yesterday, I was reminded again, as to how much I like this
particular flower.  She had a bouquet by her side door, in the white ironstone

And a bouquet of the same black eyed susan flowers in an old crock on her porch.

Along with a small, delicate bouquet in an old glass jar, on the table.  I thought to myself,
that it was a tiny presentation, that made a big statement.

But, truthfully, not as big of a statement as the delicious crystal glass of iced coffee
my friend served to me.  If you ever want to up your iced coffee recipe up a notch,
try adding just a few very small amount of chocolate chip ice cream to it, in place
of cream.  It tasted so good on that hot summer afternoon!  Friendship, flowers,
sunshine, and iced coffee...perfect combination!  What a rare treasure!

Her gardens were so well manicured and hosted an abundance of both daisies and the
black eyed susans. 

The pink cone flowers added another dimension to the gardens, and the bees never
noticed me taking their pictures.

Out front of her home, the blooms of lavender, offered a lovely fragrance.

And looked so good growing near the purple and white overflowing window boxes.
My friend is most certainly a gifted and artistically minded gardener!  I guess opposites
attract in friendships, right?  She grows them and I photograph them.  Good team!

Speaking of nature, I recently purchased this book at our local Barnes
and Nobel Bookstore.  Seeing it's colorful cover, interesting title,
and most of all, the author's name, immediately sparked my interest.
I have read other books by Francine Rivers and always found them
to be on my favorite's list.  I must tell you though, this is my all
time favorite of hers.  It is done in short chapters, sharing many
aspects of nature.  It is truly inspiring, and educational!
It opens one's eyes to the amazing world of nature from God's point of view.
For example, did you know, that "ants offer good life
They work hard.
They know winter is coming.
They make preparation for the lean times ahead.
They work together.
They thrive.
They survive.

Good concepts for us to keep in mind, as we live here in this
Great book!

Thank you for stopping by.


sharon said...

Beautiful flowers and that ice coffee! The coffee would hit the spot on these hot summer days😊

Happy@Home said...

I enjoyed seeing your friend's flower garden. It is beautiful. I especially like the different ways she displayed her Black-Eyed Susans. Mine are currently in full bloom too. They are a wonderful addition to the garden.
Chocolate chip ice cream in iced coffee... I will be trying that one. Sounds delicious!

Judy said...

Beautiful blooms! My black-eyed daisies are just beginning to bloom...love them. Thanks for the book recommendation. Now you have me wanting an iced coffee!

Anneliese said...

Now I have made a mental note to plant black eyed susans. So pretty!
And thank you for a peek at that book.


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