Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It was late Saturday morning.  We were driving from one destination to another, and
we choose to go the back country roads to get there.  My husband has an amazing
sense of direction, and he takes me on roads that are remote and oftentimes look
more like we are driving in a long driveway, than a public road.  It was a sunny,
clear morning, and life on the farms we passed was bustling. 

Since we were not in a big hurry, he stopped often, so that I could capture some of
the beauty along the way.  Even the cornflowers presented a delicate form of beauty.

Signs like this one, appeared on many of the roads.  Have you ever seen a sign like the
above one, by your roads?  This was a first for me. 

I will share a few of the pictures that I was able to take on this lovely country drive.

I was quite surprised at how well my Samsung phone did in capturing
details.  I like seeing the shadow of the approaching bee, on the flower.

There were Queen Anne's Lace in abundance, by the sides of the road.  Year after
year, they cause me to stop and take their picture. 

Many are the times where I am so caught up in daily life, that I totally miss the vast
amount of colorful beauty that I pass by.  Not on this Saturday morning.

I wondered if someone lovingly planted this array of flowers, or were the seeds carried
by the wind over the years?

The pink morning glory caught my eye, growing on one single plant, up the side of a
corn stalk, in the midst of a huge field of corn.

The wash was already hung out on the line to dry in the morning sun,
on most of the farms that we passed by.  I can only imagine how white that wash
will be, and how fresh it will smell.  Takes me back to the years where
Grandma and I hung out the wash...lots of laundry, including her towels.

Many of the mailboxes at the end of long farm lanes, were beautifully designed with
colorful flowers and grasses.

Hydrangeas were in abundance, in varying colors and hues.  I never tire of their delicate

One of our last stops was a large flower warehouse and gift shop.  Look at this entry way.
What a lovely place to walk into, on a Saturday morning!  Real flowers, or faux flowers...
all had a colorful aspect to my everyday life, and brighten my day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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sharon said...

Your pictures are beautiful. There is nothing like a slow Saturday morning to enjoy God's beauty.


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