Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another Saturday morning drive this week.  The countryside offers so much variety
and unique photo opportunities this time of the year.  The farmers constantly
inspire me in their work ethics, in whatever form that may take.

The old homes and the abundant growing gardens are also ways that I become
inspired, and blessed by the beauty and color of it all. 

We come upon all modes of transportation in our travels through this county we
live in.  Whatever works for getting from one place to another.

As we were getting closer to one of our destinations on this particular Saturday
morning, we found this sweet homemade sign.  It made us smile, because we knew
who it was that made it.  We made our right hand turn, and headed to the farm down
the road.

And, look what we came to, as we went around the corner of the road.
Another homemade sign, and some dear children behind it, along
with lots of fresh garden produce for sale.  What a pleasant, heart-
warming sight for us! 

Our niece and her children had designed and set up this attractive and unique
roadside stand, to sell produce that they had purchased from the children's
grandfather. It was their way of raising money, and a great way for them to
learn the benefit of work and making money.  As you can see here, the
oldest one certainly took the task to heart:).

Their great uncle (my husband) took it to heart too, as he could not resist making
produce purchases from the children.  It is obvious, when looking at this picture,
how seriously each one of the children takes their customer's needs:). I see the
youngest one has water to offer, in case of customer thirst. What fine customer

 One never knows what they will find around the corner, on a warm, sunny
Saturday morning.  We commend the children on their efforts.

Speaking of efforts, these flowers were grown in my friend's garden.
I think the combination of colors and varieties is so beautiful!
It certainly dresses up my dining room table.

We are counting down the days when we get to see these two grandchildren again.
It has been too long!  When we last got to hold the smallest one of the two, he
was only a few days old.  It makes us happy to see how the oldest one has
quickly become a good big brother.

That is it for today.  Happy Tuesday to each and every one of you who visits,
for the little something offered here.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Great looking produce and how neat for the kddos to learn "the art of selling." And, who could pass by without stopping? Sweet little boys, looks like the little one has a loving big brother. Happy rest of the week!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh such beauty in your neck of the woods. I loved that area and it makes me hope to see it again sometime. What a delightful fresh produce stand. How could you not bring home a big box from those sweet smilers?

Judy said...

Thanks for taking me down memory lane this morning! Your countryside drive brings back the memories of our time in your neighbourhood a few years ago. So beautiful! Enjoy your visit with your sweet grands.


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