Saturday, February 25, 2017

It is their parent's 12th wedding anniversary, and they are away for the
weekend.  The children are staying here.  Her and I decided to make a
special gift for their anniversary celebration.

First we baked banana cupcakes.  When they were baked, we placed each
one in the small clay pots that we had purchased at A.C. Moore.

Carefully, she used the ice cream scoop to fill each muffin paper.  After
they were baked and cooled, she covered them with chocolate icing.  The
next step was to crush some thin chocolate Oreo cookies, into crumbs,
and cover each cupcake.

I took Starburst candies, cut them in half, rolled them, and shaped
them into carrots and radishes(with a stretch of one's imagination:).  Small
mint tea leaves served as the needed greens.

I purchased a few tiny shovels and rakes from the miniature section of the A.C.
Moore Store.  We cut down a cardboard box, and placed the completed muffins
in the box. 

Not professionally done, but filled with lots of love.  They are sure their parents
will like the gift!

The idea and instructions for this project, came from the book
"Sweet Celebrations", which I found months ago, on the shelf
of the local Barnes and Nobel Store.  The 50% off
tag at the top of the book, and the beautiful colored pictures inside,  
convinced me to buy it.

The book contains so many good ideas for desserts and small gifts.  I liked the above
idea for a tea party in the future.

We had bad storms here in the afternoon today.  In fact, we had tornado
warnings here, but fortunately we escaped them.

When rain comes, and the children cannot be outside, I am so thankful for the "Fixer Upper"
show on HGTV.  Our grandchildren really enjoy watching their show.  Who would have

And, then like is often the case, after the storms came the exquisite sunset tonight. 
Breathtaking beauty, and a cold front followed.

Treasuring the moments that I can have them here, and so grateful for so much beauty
in daily life!

Thanks for stopping by!

"Instead of filling with expectations, the joy-filled expect nothing---and are filled.
This breath!  This work!  This sky!  These people!  This place!  This day!  Surprise!
~Ann Voskamp


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Good Morning, Judy!
What a great and fun garden cupcake project you and your granddaughter created! They are simply adorable! She is such a cutie!

We heard on the news about the storm in your area and John commented that he was thinking of you. Happy it passed and you were all safe. The sunset was amazing.

Also, sweet seeing the photos of your friend time in the mountains. Precious memories and soul refreshing :)

Judy said...

What fun ideas once again! Too cute.

Glad the tornado passed you by! The sunset after your storm is amazingly beautiful.

Fixer Upper is one of my favorites as well. So refreshing! As is Ann VosKamp. So much wisdom...and she has such a way with words!

Happy@Home said...

A true labor of love and, I might add, a very cute one. I can only imagine the smiles from the parents upon their arrival home.
So glad to know that you were safe from the stormy weather, Judy.
That sunset photo is breathtaking.


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