Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Their bees produced it!  They collected and bottled it!  Thanks to our son-in-law for
sharing his delicious homegrown honey with me.

I purchased this box of tiny glass jars from the Michael's Store.

With a funnel, I poured the honey into each jar, added a touch of color and decoration
to each jar.

I cut out paper strips of this verse from the Bible, appropriately chosen to go with
the jars of honey.  I folded them, and placed them on top of each jar, with a heart

A simple way to let the ladies at our Bible Study, know how special they are to me,
this Valentine's Day.

Yesterday, we picked up the five local grandchildren, and brought them home for
a few hours.  Another simple, homemade way of saying that we love them.  I copied
a picture of each one of them, on my copier, and glued it onto a large paper
envelope, and placed a few special things in each one of the envelopes.  I cannot
believe how quickly they are growing up.

It does not matter how we say it, or what method we choose to convey it, the important
thing today, is to let the people you care about, know it, not just today, but often.

"If only I knew...
that anyone can bring
words of comfort,
encouragement and healing,
who knows how many lives
I might have touched."   ~  Lance Wubbels

"Gracious words", like the verse above mentioned, are more valuable than gold, in
today's world.

Happy Valentine's Day to each one of you!

A little something, just for you!


Lea said...

The jars of honey with the sweet scripture = such a thoughtful gift. Love them! And, time with the Grans = precious memories!

Judy said...

Thank-you! Very sweet...the gifts of honey, the special envelopes for your grands and the reminder to share gracious words.

Anneliese said...

I love how you "treat" the dear people in your life .... those tiny jars of sweet honey,
I can almost taste it, with a verse and the envelopes with treats for the kids. You are inspiring!

lindsey said...

That honey looks wonderful! I have a friend who owns hives and bottles her honey, so much nicer than shop bought. Yes your grandchildren are growing, I have followed your blog for years and its so lovely to watch them grow. They must just love visiting your home


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