Sunday, February 5, 2017

It is Super Bowl Sunday.  Whatever that may mean to you, I hope that your visit here
may be a slight diversion, for a few moments of time.  I share a few of the many
pictures that I captured, from our week at the guest ranch.  Everywhere I looked
was unimaginable beauty, and I could not help but want to, in some small way,
take bits of that beauty home with me.

Dusk was one of the prettiest times of all, especially when the surrounding cabin lights were lit.

Finn is my brother-in-law's dog, and he delights in making new friends, each week at the

Icicles hanging from our porch roof.

After our first three and half days of snow, the sun came out, lighting up the morning sky.
Stepping outside after breakfast, this was the breathtaking sight we were greeted with.

Personally, my husband and I had never seen so much snow!

Snow tubing was one of the most fun sports that we took part in.  Here one of the guests
chose this way to go down the hill.  The speed made it even more of an adventure!

Being a bit on the cautious side, I chose a slower, more in control way to race down
the mountain:).

Our nephew grooms 13 - 14 miles of trails in the adjoining National Forrest.
He does it at night, because it is easier to see the outline of the trail in the dark.

The walking trails are cleared throughout the ranch grounds.

This sight is what we saw, whenever we looked out our window, during the sunsets.

Our guide, while snowshoeing one brilliant afternoon.  Since I was right behind him, I had to stop and capture this scene.

On another afternoon of snowshoeing, our guide took the time to stop and explain
to us, all the many types of pine trees that were growing on the trail.  What a fascinating
study on nature.

The snow slid off the roof of our cabin, with the warmth of the afternoon sun.

The ranch snow removal equipment was in full gear, as you can see here.  Round the clock,
the crews worked.

All hours of the day, exhibited it's own display of exquisite splendor!

Ice crystals covered every limb and tiny branch, making it all look like a winter

Sleigh rides are provided often, along with big cups of hot chocolate to take along with
each guest.

One of our favorite times of the days, were the breathtaking sunsets that graced the
skies.  Snow scenes and sunsets...what a perfect combination!

Snowshoeing quickly became one of our favorite past times!

And, after hours in the snow and cold, the fireplace at the lodge, always beckoned
us, with it's warmth.

Not to mention, the jars of homemade, freshly baked cookies, that were a
staple each day.
Those that operate this ranch, truly have mastered real, genuine,
western hospitality.  We will never forget the week that we were most
blessed, to have spent here.
Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed stepping into
the world of this ranch, for a few brief minutes today.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

My goodness, that was a whole LOT of snow and just breathtakingly beautiful. I know it was a special time for sure! Happy new week!

Christine said...

Beautiful pictures.
I tired snowshoes for the first time this year. I agree, they are fun!

Ruffles and Roses said...

OMG what a beautiful serene place ! where is this ? the pics were amazing thank you for sharing such lucky you are to have such a wonderful place to go ....xx

Anneliese said...

Soo beautiful! What a great place to retreat to! We have nearly that amount of snow here not as well ... school closures and just a lot of taking one day at a time.

Judy said...

So beautiful...every single scene! What a great winter wonderland experience for you. Thank-you for sharing!


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