Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yesterday, I hosted a simple, fun box luncheon, for three special people.  My
friend and I met back in 1975.  We were each newly married, and we lived in
the same apartment building, for the first few years.  She and her husband, had
just moved to our part of the country, and we immediately struck up a
friendship.  Some years later, we both gave birth to little girls, and they
too, became good friends.

It is rare for us to get together for lunch, in fact, I can't remember the last time this
happened.  Thanks to Rea Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, and her artistic skills
that she shares with the Walmart Stores, I found these pretty boxes on the clearance
shelf, a few months ago.  I used them as lunch boxes and filled them with some
chicken salad sandwiches, pretzels/cheese, a small bag of almonds, and a piece
of chocolate candy.  And, then since I did not have fresh flowers to use as the
centerpiece, I stacked two of the flowered round boxes on my lovely pedestal
place, to add more color and beauty to the table.  Thank you Pioneer Woman,
for adding uniqueness and bright colored items to the Walmart inventory. 
Makes my entertaining easier.  They worked as take home favors too, with
any of their leftover lunches in tact.  Along with that, I did not have dishes to
do when they left.

The above picture, is my friend and me, now both in our sixties, and enjoying
our grown up daughters, and watching them in their roles as mothers.  I
continue to learn so much from this quiet, loyal, and gifted friend, and
am so grateful that God brought her to my part of the world.

Our two daughters together, as they began their first years of school.  Their sweet
friendship, and their amazing gifts of humor, continues to bless everyone they
spend time with.

 Now, both in their thirties, and continuing to treasure the rare moments that they
get to be together.

You might want to keep your eyes open, when you are walking through the
Walmart Store.  Sometimes, one can find real treasures on the clearance
shelves, like these flowered boxes.

The new tea towel that I received as a hostess gift, said "hello spring"...

...but the view that I discovered outside of my back door this morning, did not
back up that sentiment.  Right now, the snow and the sunshine, are creating
breathtaking beauty!

Thank you for stopping by!  Have you ever attended a box luncheon?


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I just love your sweet box luncheon. It is a new idea to me and so fun! A great way to celebrate your longtime friendship. Precious photos too.

Judy said...

I love that idea...a box luncheon! And how fun to get together with good friends from the past. Always special.

Lauren said...

Hi's so wonderful to see that you are still blogging. :) You look wonderful, and I'm so sorry that I've fallen out of touch. Lauren (from 'Round the Kitchen Table and Today I Pray)

corners of my life said...

I am always impressed at your ability to see creative ideas In ordinary items. Your friends and family are very lucky.

corners of my life said...

So now when I stroll through the clearance aisle at Walmart I'll say to my self, "What would Judy do with these?"


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