Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our simple summer fun on a hot, humid morning in July.

Most of those living here, did not notice us, or care that we were watching them, until...

...a quarter provided a scoop of dry feed, suddenly making her, one popular visitor.

And, had her "animal loving heart" filled with joy.

She wanted to take them home:)

Although for some reason, this male duck seemed totally annoyed, and let it
be known by his loud protests, and he raced across the grass towards her.

The farmers went quietly about their daily duties, oblivious to those watching from the
porch above them.

Some of the animals sought shade under the wooden walkway.

A few farm pictures, just for you!
Wishing each one of you, some of your own simple moments of joy today!


Stacey said...

Just beautiful! The little goats are so cute.

Happy@Home said...

I can just imagine how much she loved this visit with the farm animals. So cute. I enjoyed visiting with them too and the scene with the farmer plowing his field was so calming to me. Thank you for taking me to the peacefulness of your area today, Judy.

debi said...

Loved the farm photos so so much!!


Anneliese said...

These farm animals are just too cute! The sheep and goats look like they get nice baths regularly. . . so clean and fluffy looking! I can imagine every child wanting to take them home . . or come back.

Christine said...

You know each of your grandchildren's heart!
You always amaze me with adventures you take with them.
Those goats are so adorable!

lindsey said...

a visit to the farm is just what children love, so sweet to feed and observe the animals. Perfect day!

Judy said...

Awwwwe! Sweet photos all around!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Loving these sweet photos of sweet country moments!


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