Saturday, July 18, 2015

I needed a dessert this evening, and I have extra fresh blueberries
in my refrigerator.

This recipe is my sister-in-law's often requested recipe for "Blueberry Pie".  Fresh
berries are abundant right now, and this is a quick, delicious recipe.  It includes three
simple steps;

First step.

Second step.

Third step.

Three bowls of completed recipe steps;

Instead of using a pie pan, I chose to use this old glass sided plate that I bought years ago, at
a local flea market.

I also purchase some old canning jars, and placed five of them on the plate, creating
individual desserts for the guests.

And then, because one recipe makes more than I will need for these small,
individual desserts, I recently purchased these two small, colorful pie
plates at the local dollar store.  They came in four bright colors.  I thought
they were so attractive and inexpensive.  I knew they would make
some special gifts in the future.  Maybe filled with quiche, or baked
oatmeal, or a blueberry pie:)  I took the leftover pie ingredients,
and made a blueberry pie with this recipe.  I am going to
give it as a gift today.  Thanks dollar store!

As a final step, I added a dollop of whipped cream to each dessert, and a bright colored pansy.
I covered these completed desserts lightly with plastic wrap, and will refrigerate them until I
need them this evening.  How easy is that!!!

I added a touch of whipped cream to the small pie and sprinkled it with some iridescent sugar.
I think it will make a nice gift.  All of this with one "Blueberry Pie" recipe.

I want to thank her for sharing her recipe with me, and for all that she adds to my life
the life of our family.

One more thing, I stopped at the farm garden near by and picked my own flowers.
Don't you think they will brighten up my kitchen table?
Another post on fruits and flowers...I can't help myself:)
Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you have a good weekend!  If you have extra blueberries...
this might be an idea for you.


Judy said...

Fruit and flowers are a great way to brighten any my books! It looks like fresh blueberries are being enjoyed everywhere right now. I love the little individual desserts...and have purchased wee mason jars just to use for that purpose.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Goodness, that is so delicious looking and the pansy is just perfect. I love blueberries and if I had the time think I might have to make that this week. But, the new house is getting down to the wire and it's all hands on deck, so perhaps I can tackle it when I get in my new kitchen. Happy new week!

debi said...

Judy those are beautiful...funny how something fairly easy can look so hard ?
We've eaten many blueberries on our road trip!


lindsey said...

I love your fruit and flower posts, in fact I love all your posts!
This is a perfect recipe, sadly here in the UK we dont have the helpful instant packs of crumb base and cool whip etc. I really cant understand how we are so behind in these areas of produce in this country. However I guess with a little more work we could still make this lovely recipe. I made a similar recipe with meringue on the top, it was my first time of using little jars to serve a desert and just like yours here, they did look lovely.

Debbie said...

How I love blueberries, and this sounds delicious, and I love the pansy garnish. Sounds pretty easy I might give it a whirl. Serving in the individual dishes is such a good idea...soo cute! Have a good week Judy!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

The individual desserts are so fun and look amazingly delicious! Great family recipe from your sister-in-law.

Kelli said...

This sounds wonderful and so easy. I love using mason jars for desserts.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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