Monday, July 13, 2015

You are invited to join me, for a drive through the country, that I took on Saturday afternoon.
Another one of those gorgeous, summer afternoons, where you drive along, and soon forget
about all that is happening around you, and see only the vast amount of beauty before you.
Country life has it's own "norms" and I find it therapeutic to experience them, if only for a few
hours.  Line dried laundry is seen everywhere here.

Field work must seem endless for these farmers, as they worked with speed and efficiency.

The completed hay rolls graced the fields, in preparation for the winter months ahead.

 In the midst of these farm fields, I once again came to my favorite flower growing spot.
At this point, you may want to leave "just a little something for you" blog, unless...
you happen to be a "flower lover" like me.  Then, and only then, I invite you to stay here,
and  soak in the beauty that I found once again, in the forty-five minutes that I spent
at this tiny, obscure place in the world.  "Obscure" and yet, the owner and her mother told
me they had produced the flower creations for three weddings, that morning.

They also told me that for the next three months, they are booked full with weddings and
summer events.  Together, this small band of women, create some of the most exceptionally
beautiful flower arrangements.  I do wish that I was able to take each of you into their
barn setting and let you watch as they do what they do best.  Each bouquet is done
with attention to design, color, and beauty. 

Here, in this tiny wooden house, where bouquets fill the old kitchen table and side counter.
They told me that I should walk through their overflowing gardens, and of course I did.
Just me and my camera, in the quiet, lush, farmland.  I share with you now, only a bit of
what I captured, if you are interested;

Individual masterpieces.


There you have it, a dose of my afternoon therapy session.  Peaceful, relaxing, inspiring, and
so encouraging to me.  The individual designs, the unique colors, and the sweet fragrances
emitted from the gardens, caused me to be filled with gratitude to God for what I experienced.
After all, He is the one that sends the rain and the sun, which provide the best growing
season for this beauty.  Today as I write this, I think of the talented women, who put their
gifts to work each and every day, producing magazine quality arrangements, in the midst
of farm country.

Thanks so much for stopping here.  Thanks for allowing me the privilege of sharing my
afternoon with you.  Thank you also, for sharing your flowers and gardens in the world
of blog land. 

Happy Monday!

I close my post with this arrangement that came home with me on Saturday.  It sits on
my kitchen counter, serving as a reminder on my afternoon visit.


Happy@Home said...

I can't think of a nicer way to start the week. The sights on your country drive are so pretty and peaceful. As a fellow flower lover, there wasn't a chance I would exit your blog when you shared the gorgeous flower photos. These ladies have a real gift for growing beautiful, healthy flowers. I can only imagine the magic they work on wedding bouquets.
I love how you are now enjoying a reminder of this lovely day in your own kitchen.

Stacey said...

Beautiful! I really love seeing the old fashioned mimosa tree next to the house. Just something about those trees...when I was a kid we would take the bean stalks off and pretend to cook them when we played house. :)

Judy said...

So beautiful! A great therapy session. Thanks for taking us along with you on your walk-about! I can picture it all quite clearly...your countryside tours bring back so many good memories for me.

Anneliese said...

Judy, you have a beautiful way of sharing! You live in such a beautiful place with the laundry blowing on the wash lines, farmers working the land and flowers in abundance... and a whole lot more I know... your flower post is a bouquet in itself. Inwardly I had to smile at the bright colors of the bouquet you took home. It's the colors of a sun dress I got this weekend.
How can you not smile!

Kelli said...

Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us..

Christine said...

Flowers can change your mood!
Just look at those colors.
With that bouquet sitting on your counter, you must be smiling!

Sally said...

Not anything more beautiful than bright summer flowers! :)


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