Thursday, July 16, 2015

I purchased the first sweet corn of the summer on Saturday.  I husked it, boiled it, put it in
ice water and then cut it from the cob.

For as long as I can remember, this process has been a part of my summertime.  As a young
girl, I clearly remember helping my mother and grandmother in freezing corn.  As a young
teen, I recall the entire day that was set aside by my mother, for me and my siblings,
to help in the huge endeavor.  I say "huge", because it was just that!  For a few of those years,
we would husk at least a thousand ears of corn.  Corn was a staple in our diet, and my
mother believed that home frozen corn, tasted much better than store bought frozen corn.
We would set up lawn chairs in a circle, in our garage, and fairly early in the day, we
would begin the endless husking chore:)

While we were husking the corn, my mother would be in the kitchen, boiling the ears of corn,
and placing it in cold water to cool it.  When it was cool, she would cut the corn off the ear
with the cutting tool pictured above.  Hence, I have been doing the same thing for years. 
I am very well aware of the fact that there are many new and updated methods of husking
the corn, and cutting off the corn, but for some reason, this is still the way that I do it.
Saturday afternoon, as I did this procedure once again in my kitchen, so many memories
came flooding back to me.  Actually, I remember dreading the "corn freezing" days of
summer, and now I find myself with a slightly different perspective.  I am not sure how
much corn I will freeze this summer, but whatever I freeze, I know it will be enjoyed
by many, because it really is delicious!

On this particular occasion, I used the corn to make a zucchini and corn casserole, for a
picnic we were attending that evening.  I found this recipe, using fresh cut off corn,
tomatoes, and zucchini, and it is definitely a simple, but scrumptious recipe I can't
wait to make again.  You too can find it here...

When I stopped at the roadside stand to purchase the corn, I also purchased these fresh

After washing and preparing each one of the fruits...

I made this big bowl of fruit salad.  We have been eating fruit continually.  Our grandchildren
were over this week, and they each ate bowls of the goodness.  What a gift, to open one's
refrigerator, and find such beauty waiting to be eaten.  I mentioned in my last post, that our
growing season here, has been exceptional, and I am so grateful for all that is growing in
abundance around us.

But, when the birthdays come, this grandson chose a doughnut cake for his celebration.  He
requested that his doughnut be chocolate with chocolate glaze.  We were so happy to celebrate
his ninth birthday.  Our daughter served us a delicious meal, and then came the doughnut

He took the responsibility seriously:)

He and one of his good friends posed for me.  I smiled as I observed how quickly
they've grown up, especially in their photo pose. Two very special young men!

Corn, fresh fruit, and doughnuts, are what were provided here today.  Thanks so much
for stopping by.  I did wonder as I was compiling this post, if you all helped to freeze
corn in your past summer experiences?  If so, what were your memories of it all?

Happy Thursday!


Happy@Home said...

Would you believe that I have never frozen corn? I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your memories of preparing and freezing the corn with your family. How good that must have tasted throughout the winter. We have been enjoying corn on an almost daily basis and remarking at how sweet it tastes. I'm thinking that perhaps I need to now freeze some. Might I ask how long you boil it for?
The recipe you shared looks delicious. Perfect combination of flavors.
The array of fruit fresh from the farm is a beautiful sight and I think the fruit salad you made is a work of art.
Speaking of works of art, the doughnut cake falls into that category. What a great idea for the birthday boy. Happy Birthday to him!

corners of my life said...

"Corn, fresh fruit, and doughnuts" - I could make a dinner of this!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Happy@Home,
Thank you for your kind comments. They always are a blessing to me. We would keep a pot of boiling water on the stove, and cook each batch of corn ears for about 15 -20 minutes. Then right into a sink full of cold water, to cool it down. Most of my friends, cut the corn off with a sharp knife(or with the tool I used), and then
spoon the corn into sturdy zip lock bags or plastic containers, and place in the freezer. Simple, but time consuming process:)

Stacey said...

Judy, that's such a great picture of you, your daughter, and grandson. I love that he chose a doughnut cake. How cute!

Your fruits and vegetables are so pretty. There's really nothing prettier than something natural like that. We love, love, love summer corn!!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I have NEVER frozen corn but I honestly think I would have enjoyed the process. LOVE fresh corn. Hubby especially does, in fact he could eat it every day I think, lol. I am definitely going to check out your recipe as it sounds delicious. Summer fruit is really hard to resist. When we lived closer to my one set of grandkids [they were over frequently then] I was sure to have it in abundance in our fridge too as they would eat all I had, lol. I am loving strawberries and cantaloupe right now. And I've got a hankering for some peaches....maybe a peach pie, lol. Enjoy your day Judy!

Jaybird said...

Oh my....may I come to the party too???? Yum!!
You and your daughter are carbon copies.....and both beautiful!!
Blessings to you all....especially the birthday boy!

Christine said...

You have "taught" me that you don't need to bake a traditional birthday cake.
You have some of the BEST ideas to change it up and make the "cake" especially for the birthday person.
The donuts are a wonderful idea.

Judy said...

I too recall the 'corn freezing' marathons of yesteryear. I am not familiar with the tool you use to cut the kernels from the cob. We always used sharp knives...or an electric knife. Sad to say...but I have not frozen corn these past few years.

There is nothing quite like the fresh fruits of summer! And your display has my mouth watering.

Beautiful family pic's! Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson. Love his cake!


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