Thursday, July 10, 2014

One evening as I was visiting several blogs that I enjoy reading, I discovered a blog with some
adorable gumball stirrers.  I liked the diy instructions and how they looked in the in the clear
glassware as they were displayed.  You can visit the blog if you want, and see what I mean.
You can find it at

I already had a bag of wooden stirrers in my kitchen drawer, that I had purchased from
the local grocery store.  While visiting the local Dollar Tree, I looked for gumballs, and
found these pretty colored bubble gum balls, which were not like the ones I was searching
for.  But, since I liked the colors, I thought I would bring them home and try them with
my skewers.  I did not have to use the tool called the awl, which the blog designer had
used.  Instead, I held one of the little gumballs in my left hand and punctured a hole into
the gumball with the point on the skewer, in my other hand.   That is all there is to it, just
a bit of muscle to make the puncture.


And, here is what you will have when you are finished with your simple project, using a
few wooden skewers, and two small bags of bubble gumballs.

Then if you want to buy a white plate from the same dollar store, and some tall clear glassware,
you can have yourself a fun, inexpensive gift for someone, or for you.  I cut the wooden skewers,
at the bottom with a wire cutter, making the skewers differing lengths, to add some dimension
to the completed look.  I used this as a gift, and included the glass container of extra skewers.

One could use the bright colored skewers for a summer fruit platter also, using a variety of
colorful fruit, and then piling them on a glass platter, horizontally.

 I think these glasses would look good filled with some light pink lemonade and ice,
for a pretty serving platter.

This is one drink that my husband and I find refreshing over the summer. 
One glass filled with ice cubes, filled half way with the V8 Light V-fusion, and the rest
of the way with Sparkling Ice Strawberry Lemonade.  Calorie count...25 calories.

A quick, simple idea to dress up your summer drink tray, or create an
unique gift for someone, whether you were looking for it or not:)
Happy Thursday!


debi said...

The gum ball skewers are adorable! What a great idea :-)


Judy said...

Fun ideas for serving summer drinks! I must keep the gum ball stirrers in mind. So cute!

corners of my life said...

You always post such fun ideas!

Happy@Home said...

Once again I must thank you for sharing your simple gift ideas, Judy. I think these drink stirrers are so cute and would be perfect for so many different occasions. I could even see using them for Christmastime with red and green gumballs.
Thanks, too, for sharing the summer drink idea. That looks so refreshing and pretty with your special touches.


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