Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A 10 hour road trip this past week, gave me plenty of time to think, and my husband and I
plenty of time to talk.  One of the subjects that we spent time on, was the word "perspective".
I must admit, it is not a word we have spent time on in the past, but it is a word that seems
relevant now.  In many conversations over the last few weeks, with different groups of friends,
we are realizing more than ever, the one most interesting aspect of our conversations, is the
perspective of those who share in the conversations.

I looked up the word "perspective", and here is what I found;  "Perspective is the way one looks
at something."

"An example of perspective is the farmer's opinion about a lack of rain."

"A specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events, esp. one that shows
them in their true relations to one another."

Sentence examples;

~"Interesting perspective, isn't it?"
~"By the time they reached the barn, she had a different perspective of the entire situation."
~"When he spoke, his perspective surprised her."

Definitions from ...yourdictionary.com

My husband and I were discussing how so often, when one sits and converses with others,
the perspective we once held about them, changes after a few hours of talking with them,
and listening to them.  So often, we tend to carry opinions of others with us, without ever
taking the time to sit and have them share life from their perspective.  What a difference
it can make when that time is taken, and hearts are open to share. I am afraid we too often
draw conclusions about other's actions, without ever taking the time to hear their perspective.
For us, we are learning the true importance of that action.

A good example of the word perspective would be the way these two, in our
care this week, viewed the rain falling outside, when they wanted to visit the play-
ground, but my perspective was, thanking God that I did not have to water all my flowers
again that day.  They wondered if it would be raining every day they were here?

How about you?  Did you ever take time to think about the word "perspective"?  Have you
found that listening to others share their perspective on whatever, can change your opinion
about them and the reason they may do the things they do?  Perhaps "asking and listening"
would be the key words here.  When was the last time someone sincerely asked you,
what your perspective was on something? 

Thank you for stopping by on this hot, summer morning.


debi said...

Recently discussed this word within my women's ministry group. Specifically how we tend to take a small piece of a picture and draw conclusions/ form opinions based on just that. Big lesson for all of us to remember the entire picture may look nothing like what you came up with.
Great post!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Excellent post! And, what a profound subject with such truth. I'm going to be more mindful of this in the coming days for sure.

And, I love the picture of the cups and saucers! I have a big collection of Dematasse cups and saucers that have been boxed up for years but am going to try and have them out when we move in our new house.

Happy week!

lindsey said...

This is a good lesson for us all, to always try and look at the subject from others perspective, you are so right Judy. Often we are quick to only see things from our view and not to consider others. Thank you for sharing.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a great post, Judy! I have found that as I age I think more sensitively about things as I have come to learn it isn't always the way it seems. I was having a phone conversation the other day with a dear friend who moved far away. We didn't use the word, perspective, as we talked how situations are not as black and white as we once thought, but it does seem like the same concept. At least, from my perspective ;).

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Perspective adds so much to life! Whether it a varying views of politics, a photographic composition, a before and after review of an event perspective is worth consciously exploring.
I like it when someone visits one of my old stomping grounds and they write about what they saw. A fresh perspective is probably the hardest one to gain alone.
Interesting topic!


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