Friday, July 25, 2014

From my home, to yours...a touch of beauty for your Friday!

Perhaps this weekend will provide time for you to pack a picnic, no matter how simple
it may be, and ask someone you love to join you.  Relish the moments of this summer,
because they seem to be passing by so quickly.

Maybe you would want to spend the afternoon fishing with someone you care about...

Or simply relaxing with friends, listening and conversing in the evening hours, often
producing wonderful summer memories.

Or teach your s'more skills to one eager to learn.  Perhaps years from now,
the younger one will teach the same skills to another.  Never mind if the
marshmallow is a bit on the crisp side, because when combined with
the graham cracker and chocolate bar, one will never notice:)

How about a rigorous game of the old fashion croquet?  I clearly remember my summer
evenings spent playing that game with my siblings.  Oh, the memories I hold from those

But, if this weekend does not allow for free time to spend outdoors as you would long for...

...just bring the outdoors in.
However you spend your weekend, look for the times to share joy, in
one form or another, and don't let the "moments" slip by without
noticing them.  The older I get, the more this concept becomes a
reality to me.
Thank you for stopping by. 


debi said...

Beautifully put in word and photos!

Have a blessed weekend.


corners of my life said...

Today I pick this one: " relaxing with friends, listening and conversing in the evening hours, often producing wonderful summer memories."

Debbie said...

LOVED everything about this! Love to pop by and experience the joy you ALWAYS share!

Hannah Anderson said...

I am very impressed by your blog. Gone through your blog posts and found pretty interesting.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

So simply stated and so powerful. Beautiful pictures too!


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