Monday, July 28, 2014

The idea came to me from the pages of "Country Living-British Edition" magazine, under
the "Ideas to Try" category, in the July 2014 edition.

What caught my eye, while perusing through the pages of the lovely magazine, was the
title of the article, "A simple make floral ice cubes". 

The instructions said, to "use edible flowers such as violets, geraniums, and cornflowers
to add a splash of colors to drinks."

Fortunately, I had some pink geraniums and some violas in my outdoor planters, and
the pink square ice cube trays in my cupboard.


~"Bring some filtered water to a boil and let it cool.  Boiling the water stops bubbles
  from forming and keeps the water clear, not cloudy.  (this really does work).

~Pour the cooled water into the ice cube tray, filling a third of each square, and
  then freeze.

~Snip the flower stems to size.  Remove the tray from the freezer and lay the petals
  on the ice cubes.  Cover with water and return to the freezer until the cubes are
  frozen through."

This article was taken from Inspire - The Art of Living with Nature by Willow
Crossley and shared by Country Living magazine.

Quick, simple, and pretty for any special occasion.

Water...another one of nature's gifts that I am so thankful for, in whatever form I find it.

Happy Monday!


Debbie said...

LOVE this idea! Soo cute! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

Stacey said...

They turned out so pretty! About this time every year we are in desperate need of rain in this part of the country. I'm so thankful for every drop of water.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Pretty, fresh and keeps flowers to enjoy on hot days that are so challenging to flowers left in the garden.

debi said...

Those are beautiful Judy, and what a great idea.
We are desperate for rain here in Southern California...I do pray for it!

I too am a fan of all things's calming....


Christine said...

You even have the flowers in pink ice trays.

corners of my life said...

Visiting your home must be such a pleasure for your guests.

Anneliese said...

Your ice cubes are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this idea! I did not know geraniums are edible. I think clover would look quite pretty too!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I did not know that geraniums were edible either until I read the article and it clearly states the flowers I listed:)

Judy said...

So pretty ~ your floral ice cubes. I have used them in a punch bowl with co-ordinating colored flowers...a nice touch.

Water is truly one of nature's best gifts!


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