Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"I am only one, going on two,

But let me tell you this, "eating corn on the cob is something I love to do!"

Sometimes I eat two ears, and sometimes I eat more,

I really don't understand why adults around me, keep score".

How about you?  How many ears of corn on the cob do you consume at one meal?

Relishing the sweetness from the neighboring farm. 

At the farm further down the road, was the sign, "Pick your own flowers".  A dozen for

$ 1.25.  The old scissors hung underneath the sign on a looped wire.  Next to it, also

hanging on a looped wire, was an empty plastic butter tub, with a slit cut in the lid.

Written on the lid with marker..."deposit money here".

This is truly the "good old summertime"!

I hope I gave you a smile today!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello Judy! Hope you've been having a wonderful summer! I never tried giving my 18 month old granddaughter corn on the cob--I always cut it off for her, but now I think I'll let her try it this way!

Love the flowers and you can't beat that price!

Judy said...

Corn and fresh cut flowers...definite signs that the 'good old summertime' is here! I recall all the flower stands along the roadside in your corner of the country from our visit there last year. Loved that!

Christine said...

Yes, you gave me a big smile, from ear to ear! He is adorable.

debi said...

Love the idea of paying for and cutting flowers!!


Happy@Home said...

He sure does seem to be enjoying his corn on the cob and who could blame him? It is so good and a sure sign of summertime.
The flowers are so pretty and the price is fabulous. Summer is looking very good at your house, Judy.

lindsey said...

I smiled and I love corn on the cob! Enjoy your summer with those beautiful grandchildren :)


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