Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is it about the "extraordinary touches for the ordinary days" that make us feel so special, comfortable and at home(wherever we may be)?  Why do special touches and unexpected happenings seem to lift our spirits and make the day feel happier? 

I never met her, but a few days ago, she invited me to join her for a late afternoon tea in her home, on Wednesday.  She said that she has been visiting my blog for a few years and that she would like if we could meet. I learned that in the last year or so, she had moved nearby.

A late afternoon tea is an unusual happening for me, but I knew from the time I walked into
her front door, that I was happy to be there.  The table was set with fresh flowers from her
garden, old pretty  tea cups, and a lovely lace tablecloth.  The teapot serving as her centerpiece
was a gift from a student, during her years of teaching school.  She had a tea cup with pink roses
at my place setting, remembering that I like pink roses, from reading my blog.  How sweet!

Tiny votive candles were lit in the midst of candy corn and peanuts.

A pretty tray of grapes, cheese and crackers provided a delicious treat, along with the Red Raspberry
Zinger and Earl Grey tea. She offered gracious and kind hospitality, and the conversation flowed
from one topic to another.

I learned that she grew up in Canada, met her husband in Puerto Rico, and now lives down
the road from me.  In today's fast-moving world, I can tell you it was so nice to take this special break, in the middle of an ordinary day, to drink tea and chat together.

She proudly showed me fresh produce that her husband brought in from his garden, this late
in the year. 

When I was saying goodbye, this dear lady presented me with a beautiful basket of flowers
from her garden.  I was amazed at her generosity, and will be reminded of her, as the
bouquet now sits by my kitchen sink. 

She thanked me for sharing our grandchildren on my blog, because all of hers lived far away.  Blogging certainly does present some interesting aspects to life.

Speaking of blogging, if you want a truly moist, delicious, and chocked full of goodies recipe, you might want to visit KariAnne at shared her friend Kelly's bread recipe. Even if you don't want to make the bread, you might want to visit and see how appetizing she makes the bread baking process look.  I never saw raisins look so good!

I've made it twice now and both my husband and I think it is one of our favorites. If you like those three ingredients, I do highly recommend it.  I made some of these small bundt cakes, and froze them for future use.  Before serving, I will dust them with powdered sugar.

This is the site I discovered tonight outside my backdoor, and found it to be the best way to close out my day. Blessings come from some of the most unexpected places, and these are a few of mine to share with you. 

Thank you for stopping by.


Debbie said...

how wonderful to discover a blogging friend down the road! And what a sweet thing for her to do! Would have loved every minute of it. Thanks for bringing us along! The bundt cakes look delicious...I am off to check out the site! Enjoy your day1

Jeane` said...

What a sweet and thoughtful lady she is!!! Loved the pictures of your visit.

PS. I tried to fix your sentences (being short/choppy), but I think it's something in the new layout of the blog and it's text. I'll talk to you tomorrow about it.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

How nice to spend an afternoon together. Such a sweet time for sure for the both of you!

Marty said...

My husband and I learned to know this delightful lady and her equally delightful husband through presenting Engaged Encounter weekends together years ago. Two precious souls who love life and love sharing it in happy ways with others. Love hearing how the Lord uses blogs to bring folks together. Thanks for sharing. Made me smile when I recognized her.

Anneliese said...

What a beatiful blog ... the words and the photos! The bread photo makes you want to go and make it!
Your little bundt cakes will be fun to serve too!


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