Friday, October 18, 2013

We cut back our rose bushes for the winter.

In between two of our big rose bushes at the back door, look what we found staring at us

with it's pretty little face.

I did not plant it.  I did not even know it was there.  But, it grew in underneath the foliage of the

roses, next to all the sharp thorns. It made me smile.  Isn't that a lot like life?

In the midst of the pruning and the thorns that can sometimes comprise our daily lives,

we discover an unexpected blessing.

From the outside looking in, we see one thing, but underneath it all, we may discover hidden


Sharing my tiny gift with you today.

Happy Friday to each of you!

We are looking forward to having our youngest daughter and son-in-law home for the weekend:)

It has been so long since we've seen them.


Debbie said...

LOVED your analogy this morning! Soo true! Enjoy time with your family this week-end, how wonderful!

debi said... beautiful and your words are so true. It's always worth going through a thorn or two for the bigger blessing!

Have a great weekend.


Judy said...

Love those little treasures...unexpected blessings! Thanks for sharing...and have a wonderful weekend with family. Is the sun shining in your part of the world?

Just a little something from Judy said...

Judy, the weather is what you would call, a "perfect fall day" here in my part of the world.

Melinda said...

Such a fun surprise!

Have a great time with
your family.

M :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a pretty little surprise! And so great that you will be enjoying your daughter and son-in-law. I know every moment will be wonderful!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Sweet surprise!
I am wonder though...I have planted pansies my whole life (seriously...I recall planting them with my Dad at age four right after our house was built!) I have never had seedling pansies pop up, ever. This year they are turning up in the most unlikely places. I think your and mine are actually the new strains of violas which do seem to seed themselves easily, instead of true pansies. Not sure, but very glad to have whatever they are increase!


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