Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"If I had but one day left to live, how would I chose to live it?  If I had but one day to prove
to those whom I love what was most important to me, how would I act towards them and
respond to them?  What cherished words would I openly share with them...what generous
blessings would I lavish on them...what unspoken appreciation would I gladly express...
what warm memories would I gather and rebuild like the dying embers of a fire?"

Once again I read the thought provoking words in my dear friend's book, and once again
they convicted me.  The book is "Pathways of the Heart".  The author is one of my dear
friends, Patty Fischer.  I met her many years ago, when we were both teenagers.  She has
influenced my life in many ways over the years.  I am so thankful that she put her
gift of writing into a book and thankful for the way I learn from it, each and every time I
open it's pages.  Her gift of being able to write real life poetry is a true gift from God.
Her life journey has certainly had it's mountain peaks and dark valleys, and yet she
continues to bless and inspire so many as she walks it's pathways.

Thank you, Patty!  Thank you for the gentle reminders I need so often in my daily


6 comments: said...

It is hard to remember to live each day as if it were my only day, but I do think about it, and many times it prompts me to be in the moment, and live to the fullest, as unto Jesus. I want that to increase, it's the bottom line of life, and my desire to be that person grows daily.

Debbie said...

Some wonderful, thought provoking words and thoughts here. I do need to ask myself this. Thanks for posting! Enjoy your day sweet Judy!

debi said...

Beautiful things you leave me in thought with...


lindsey said...

Beautiful, thought provoking post, thank you for sharing. I love that photo too...isn't it fun to play board games with our grandchildren?

Kathleen said...

Oh that I would leave nothing of the heart undone! What wisdom you pen here, Judy.

Sometimes there are distractions in life that tempt me to forget how awesomely blessed am I. It's much too easy to focus on the nonsense, but far more worthwhile to focus on all that is good, worthy, pure & lovely. That's why I love to visit here.


Judy said...

Beautiful...words, thoughts and photo! I now know exactly where you are enjoying time with your grands...on your lovely porch.

How have a book written by a good friend.


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