Saturday, October 26, 2013

It was a perfectly clear, brisk autumn day today.  We visited the horse farm for the last horse show
of the year.

Our oldest daughter and some of her children made the visit with us.  My "cowboy", our daughter
and oldest granddaughter enjoying rare moments together.

The boys were given a brief lesson on how to touch a horse.

We walked through the pine trees...

...and discovered wooly caterpillars.  The little guys were thrilled with the discovery.

I was more impressed with the brilliant colored chrysanthemums than the caterpillars.

We watched the riders practicing in the ring.

And, watched a fun contest of rider and horse, dressed in their Halloween costumes.  The creativity
was impressive with each young rider.

The "bumble bee and grassy field blanket" team.

"Minnie and Mickey Mouse" team.

The "beach ball" team.

I am sure their grandpa would love if perhaps some of his grandchildren
would develop an interest in horsemanship in the future.  He does his best
to introduce them to it all.
 After all, he grew up with horses and learned the ropes early in his life, and I am sure he hopes
to pass that interest on to them. 

Whether that happens or not in the future, we sure did have a fun, relaxing morning at the farm,
ending our time, eating hot dogs and French fries on the lawn.

Thank you stopping by today and sharing in our morning.  Whatever your weekend holds, I wish
you time to enjoy your family and friends, time to soak in the remaining beauty of this season, and time to be thankful for it all.


Christine said...

I like how you spend so much time with part, some, or all of your family.
This must of been a real treat.

Judy said...

What a fun way to spend a day with the grands...and your daughter! Who knows...maybe your hubby's love of horses will be passed along to the next generation.

Jeane` said...

Thank you (and dad) so much for this fun, equestrian diversion to what could have been a long day at home without the two campers! It was an absolutely gorgeous autumnal day, for sure. (and yes, the picture is fine...and a treasure). Love you!


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