Friday, July 5, 2013

Their First Tea Party

It was my oldest granddaughter's birthday gift, and to make it more special, we brought her sister with us.
From the moment we first walked through the front door, we all knew it was going to be memorable.
The front gift shop room was so colorfully decorated and had many lovely items, including fine teas for sale.  We were greeted warmly and waited to be seated.

When it was our turn, we walked into a beautifully decorated tea room, with vibrant yellow, red and white d├ęcor.  Each table had crisp white linens and a fresh flower for a centerpiece.  The room was quiet, with piped in classical music.

I reminded them that this was a place where guests come to visit and enjoy time together.  It would be a bit different than what they were used to.  We sat down on the comfortable white chairs, and I had them put their linen napkins on their laps.  I think I was in my forties till I attended a tea party like this one.  At this point, I was wondering if this was a good idea, thinking maybe it would not be the fun they had anticipated.  Maybe it was too grown-up for their liking.  But, as time went on, I realized that I was wrong in that thinking.

The first thing they noticed was the fine flowered and gold bowl on the table, with the small golden tongs.  I showed the little sugar cubes.  They were so intrigued by them.
They each ordered a pot of tea.  At the recommendation of the kind lady who served us, they ordered berry tea.  I ordered lemon/spearmint.  Both of us enjoyed the choices we made.  And, because they were younger guests, she brought each of them two square ice cubes for their tea, in square white bowls.  How impressive!

I explained that the cups were fragile and they needed to handle them with care.
They did a great job!  They both drank every bit of tea in their little white pots.

Even the youngest one used her best manners.

Frist plate we were served, were warm, fresh from the oven, blackberry scones, served with lemon curd and jam.  Big hit for them!  In fact, I shared mine with them too.  I hoped they had good spot remover for the bit of jam that accidently fell on the white linens.

Next course, were fresh, delicious garden salads with feta cheese and homemade dressing. 
The anticipation was building and one could see they were eagerly waiting to see what would be served next.

This was the birthday girl's plate.  So pretty and so creatively served.

Her sister's plate.  They were happy with the pb/j sandwiches and the Belgium chocolate mousse, with broken up meringue cookies around it.  It must have been a while since they ate breakfast, because they each had a hearty appetite:)

This was the plate that I was served, and every thing I tasted, was most delicious!
The lady who served us, was also the owner of the shop.  Her warm, gracious hospitality made us all feel at home right away.  She took a real interest in the girls, and they opened up and talked to her like they knew her for a while.

Overall, it was such a good experience for us.  Something reserved only for extra special occasions, but I do look forward to a  future tea party with my granddaughters.

As we drove home, they continued talking about what fun it was, but I do know they were eager to go home, change clothes, and ride their bikes again.

Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure, via my blog, today.
Tea and friendship go well together.


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your granddaughters are so very sweet and so pretty! I can see in the photos how dear they are and how much they enjoyed the lovely tea party!

All of the food served looks special and delicious. I wouldn't had thought red, yellow and white would lend itself to a tea room but it is so inviting.

Melinda said...

Oh, what fun they must of had. Great memories for each of you!

Enjoy your weekend.


Debbie said...

What a fun thing to do! I am sure they loved every minute of it, and the memory is something they will always have.

Nanette said...

What an amazing Grandma you are! I know they both will
remember this special occasion! I would love to visit this tea room on my Birthday!! Beautiful pictures, Judy! Those little girls are growing up so quickly!

debi said...

What an incredible memory you made with your adorable little grand daughters!! Your heart must have been so full :-)

Glad you capture it with photos for all of us to enjoy!


lindsey said...

I love a good tea party and would have been very happy to visit that sweet little tea shop. The girls look like they are so enjoying themselves...I love the ring on the youngest's finger ;) your photos show of the visit so well.

Judy said...

What fun! Such a pretty place...delicious looking food...and beautiful girls to share the table with. That is an occasion they will always remember.

Jeane` said...

They absolutely LOVED this day, every last moment of it! Thank you for all the amazing memories you are creating for their impressionable little hearts/minds.


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