Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am aware that it is a silent rule in blogging, to not blog about something twice.
But today, once again, I visited the quaint little flower cottage, on a quiet country road.
And as it is every time I visit, it was the most enjoyable time in the beautifully manicured gardens.
I looked in the side window of the small cottage, and saw some colorful, flower arrangements for sale.

I walked through each path in the gardens, treasuring the solitude.  The only interruption was the motor of a distant tractor in another farm.  After I was there for about 10 minutes, the owner appeared.  It was so good to see her again.  I appreciate her warm, gracious spirit.

I walked into the old fashion room, with the rusted wood stove and freshly arranged flower arrangements on the table, the countertops, and the sink.  I forgot how artistically talented this dear owner was.

The design and colors were coordinated perfectly.

Simple, airy, and so pretty!  I found it difficult to make a decision as to which one I wanted to buy.

Walking through each carefully formed garden path, the aroma of roses filled the air.  I was in my glory.  For some reason, times like this always remind me of my dear grandmas.   I breathed a prayer of thanks to each of them, for instilling in me, my love of flowers, and the appreciation I have for each and everyone of them.

I noticed an old wheelbarrow planted full of various plants and flowers.  What an attractive way to use something old and rusted.

She proudly showed me her "David Austin" roses.  So delicate, so fragrant, and so gorgeous!

Rows of sunflowers with their heads pointed toward the sky, lined the one side of the garden path.

With the skills of an artist, the owner went about her arranging skills.  She knew what she was creating and with a steady pace, completed her tasks.

Everywhere I turned, different colors of roses appeared.  For some reason, this soft coral color was one of my favorites.

Truly, butterflies and bees were everywhere.  They too, steadily went about their duties.  Who trains them?  I watched in amazement.

The owner and I walked into the old barn.  She wanted to show me, where it is she does her arranging.  That morning she had completed the flowers for a summer wedding.  She said, "she likes when she has wedding orders".

I walked into the barn and found an old wooden, long table filled with all colors and varieties of flowers.
I thought to myself, that I would have loved to see the finished products, before they were taken to the wedding.

Every color of zinnias were growing in the large field.  What fun to see their brilliant colors.

The old wooden outhouse fit with it's surroundings.  I could not stop taking pictures.

Even looking up, gave me a view worth capturing.
I found myself thanking God for His amazing handiwork!  I love that He shared it all with us.

I left with this elegant bouquet of roses for my kitchen island.  I pick up a whiff of rose every time I walk into the room.

Since sharing beauty is one of the reasons that I blog, I just had to share another visit with you all today.

I do wish I could take each and everyone of you to this country treasure.  I know you would find it as intriguing and as relaxing as I did this afternoon.

I do appreciate your visits here.  I hope that I have not over shared flowers the last few weeks, I can't help myself.  I my mind, it is better artistry than any museum I've visited.


Love Being A Nonny said...

GORGEOUS flowers!!! Glad you shared!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I for one am soo glad you shared this again. I can soo see why you love the place and were drawn there for another visit. The flowers are not only gorgeous, but the whole place just screams out peaceful, restful, welcoming, gracious, and warm. I love the flower pictures. Enjoy your day sweet Judy!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

A most lovely visit with you to see such an array of beauty and gorgeous flowers. A joy stopping by :)

debi said...

Well, that was really enjoyable....would love to have seen it in person!

Hugs said...

This is like a chapter out of a good book! What a beautiful setting, the flowers are a dream. This lady has such grace, no wonder my friend Judy felt right at home there! :)

Judy said...

So beautiful! You can take me back there anytime.

I guess I'm really good at breaking rules...since I blog about certain things time and time again.

Anneliese said...

I have to smile about the silent rule... really? I'm sure I've blogged about the same things more than twice.
I like how you honor the flower arranger and the One who provides us with so much beauty all around.


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