Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Hey, do you mind if I wear your hat?"

"Tell me what do you think?"

Celebrating our seven year old grandson's birthday at a country park, last evening.
Cousins enjoying time together.  We were so thankful for beautiful weather.

Thanks for stopping by, because truly I did share only "a little something" with you.


lindsey said...

It is so lovely when families get to spend time together. We too are having beautiful weather, I hope it holds for the rest of the Summer!

Happy@Home said...

The way they are looking at each other says it all. So cute!
Looks like a great family evening in a nice park.

Debbie said...

Cute...those are the best times!

Judy said...

Cute pic...of the cousins together. Are famuily was together celebrating birthdays last night as well...outdoors, of course. Aren't summer birthdays the best?

Jeane` said...

They were so adorable together! Thank you for capturing the "Conversation"! Love to you.


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