Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Special House Guests

Good Afternoon to you!
Here at "justalittlesomethingforyou" things are now fairly uneventful. 
We had special house guests staying with us this past week.
Our middle daughter, her two little ones, and their favorite pet, Buster spent time with us.

Our little granddaughter loves to sing, and sings in the house, out of the house, and even in the car.  Come to think of it, yesterday she was singing with her entire little being, while sitting in the cart at Costco.

 Here she was singing the song "Skip, skip, skip to my Lou", which puts "skipping" in a whole new light for me:)

She wanted to always help me in the kitchen, and of course, I was happy to teach her a fun way of adding a touch of uniqueness to ordinary pb/j sandwiches.  She was thrilled to do it all herself, and wanted to repeat the process every day.  I already apologized to her mother:)

She proudly displayed the finished creation, not the least bit concerned about her stained little shirt, which by the way, I washed three times and could not get the stain out of it.  Finally, I soaked it in white vinegar overnight, and now the stains are gone. 

Her little smile lit up our world... did this little guy's smile, even when the teething pains seem to dominate the visit.

They left now.  The house is so quiet!  I never was one for goodbyes.  I took the empty little "Cutie" drink containers sitting by the sink, and added flowers to them, just as a reminder of our time together.  I found these at the local grocery store at an introduction display.  Our granddaughter would beg for one each day.  Did you ever hear of "Cuties"? 

They have 150% Vitamin C,  no sugar added, all natural, nothing artificial, are gluten free, and contain 2 full servings of fruit.  I am not advertising for the company, but they were a hit in our house the last few days, and they are a fun place to display my daisies.

I can't close this post without a picture of one of the most important aspects of our last week.
Yes, "potty training" played front and center in this maw maw's world.  After many hours spent on my daughter's part without success, I was voted in for the chore.
And, yes, it was a successful adventure, after many book readings and made up stories in the process.  I remember at one point in it all, thinking as to what in the world would I blog about in the next post? 
So you see, I was correct when I said that I was truly sharing only a very little something with you today.
But, in all the little something, my heart is filled with gratitude at how "big" it all was to me
You are most kind to stop in here, and to step into my world for a few moments of time.


NanaNor's said...

Hi Judy, As a nana I loved seeing the photos of your grands. Oh that girl is so adorable!!! Congrat's on potty training. Sometimes it takes a grandmother to do it. Love the cuties bottles-not sure I've seen them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Debbie said...

How cute your little visitors were! Nothing like grandkid time. Glad you enjoyed. Haven't heard of those drinks, but they sound good and your right, they make darling little vases now. Enjoy your week-end!

Anneliese said...

You made me smile once again.. all the little somethings really are big, when it all comes down to it. said...

That's HUGE Judy!! Good for you... oh they grow up so fast, and your bunch are all so adorable. I love following them with your pictures as they come to visit. Ours were here over the 4th and we had so much fun. One of them is a born leader... she says MIMI loudly, until we all stop and look at her, then she smiles, turns away and goes on to the next thing. We all clap and laugh, and she just loves it. She just wanted to be sure we all heard her. :)

Judy said...

I love your 'little somethings'! Your sweet grands made me smile as well. Aren't they fun? I have never heard of Cuties before...but they sound good and come in cute packaging.

lindsey said...

Looks like you had a great time. You are one special Grandma! Your little granddaughter looks so like you!

corners of my life said...

Such a special visit and a great summary of your time together. I empathize with: things are now fairly uneventful


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