Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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My grandson's backyard party last week, with his school friends.
Black mustaches...part of the small gift bags they were given, containing items from the local
Dollar Tree store.
Maybe you are like me and need a smile today, especially in light of the devastating news out of Moore, OK.

I will be back to blogging sometime soon.  My laptop has major issues right now and is being repaired.
I find myself a bit surprised at how much it is a part of my daily life.
I miss it.  I miss blogging, and I miss visiting you all.
Thanks for stopping by today.


lindsey said...

Great photo and yes it did make me smile :) I hope your lap top is soon repaired because I will miss you too my friend.

debi said...

You will be missed...I love visiting you.

Love the photo, it did make me smile.


Judy said...

So true...that we all need a smile today. Fun foto! Hope you computer is back soon...in good working order.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

thanks for the smile today... it was helpful to see such sweet faces :)

Kathleen said...

Love the collection of mustach'd boys. What a bundle of energy & mischief ~ my favorite ingredients!

Looking forward to your next update(s). Enjoy your mini-break.


Christine said...

Computers: Love'em & hate'em.
Love how they connect us.
Hate them when they don't work. I'm not a computer savvy. I feel your "pain".

Thanks for all the smiles you bring to us.

corners of my life said...

Thanks for the "smile today". Good luck with your computer.

Dale said...

Love this photo of these little men...how we need them to grow up to be godly men...Yes, it sure made me smile and be glad for their moms and dads...

Happy@Home said...

Ha! That is a funny photo of the boys in their mustaches. It brought back memories of the high energy that comes along with boy's birthday parties :).
I hope your computer problems are fixed soon. You are missed out here in blogland.


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