Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It was a cool, sunny evening on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  The snowball bush was in full bloom.  My grandma would tell me, when the moon is full, and the snowball bushes are  blooming, the weather will be cool.  She was right.

Some of my family were together for the evening.  After being served a delicious dinner, the highlight of the evening entertainment took place.  When I watched our son-in-law bring out his John Deere tractor and wagon, I thought to myself, the people working in the factory that builds the John Deere riding mowers,  had no idea whatsoever the huge amount of joy the finished product would bring to a group of children.  Really, you can't believe how excited they were.

With the big white blanket placed down first, they each took their place in the wagon.  Now, before you mothers and grandmothers out there panic when you see this picture, please know that caring parents were walking right behind the wagon,  with a ready hand to help, if needed.  The smiles on each little face, is a true indication of the moment.

I enjoyed watching the older ones, so lovingly and willingly, wanting to help the younger cousins, especially when the slide looked so high.

The evening came to a close with bowls of the favored, rainbow sherbet.
A picnic table full of cousins enjoying another one of the rare visits together.


And, for the moment, sharing and love were in the air:)
I so appreciate the comments you shared yesterday and today.
It is good to be back, and to have the privilege of sharing the simple, yet special moments of this maw maw's life.



Kathleen said...

First, I love your header picture, especially the doilie. My mother used to make them and now I'm sorry I'd never sit still long enough to learn how.

Second, I want to ride on that mower too! My hubby would be soooo jealous.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Those sure are happy faces gathered together for a fun ride! Memorial Day was chilly here too ~ we had sweaters on. Now we started a 90 degree plus heatwave for the next few days. Not really ready for that yet :)

Debbie said...

What a darling little group of HAPPY grands to enjoy. We are at my daughters and her son Sam is enjoying wagon rides on the back of his daddy's John Deere mower too. He LOVES it! What a different, wonderful life.

debi said...

Love the photo of all those smiling faces in the wagon!! A wagon full of Maw maw joy :-)


Anneliese said...

Love, love the kids smiles on that ride! It almost makes uyou feel bad that they have to be strapped into everything these days and never feel the freedom of a simple wagon ride... unless they are lucky to get a JD wagon ride!

Judy said...

A most memorable Memorial Day celebration for all of you...especially for your grands! Just look at those smiles.

Glad you are back. :)

lindsey said...

I also know some little children who would love a ride in that trailer :) your Grandchildren are adorable!

corners of my life said...

The smiles on your little "riders" are priceless.


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