Saturday, May 11, 2013

My granddaughter and I were pulling weeds this afternoon, and decided to pick some flowers too.  We were limited (in our choices) since many of my flowers are not yet blooming.  But, we did find some and together created this colorful, simple arrangement, for the kitchen island.  As we picked the flowers I reminded her of Mother's Day on Sunday.

When we came into the house, she quietly walked into the pantry and came back out with a box of Debbie Field's chocolate cupcake mix.  She pleaded with me to bake them for her mom for Mother's Day.  I said we would do it, if she stuck with me and helped through the entire process.  She promised and she began. 

She added the eggs I gave her, the oil and the water.  She seriously took on the stirring.  I loved watching her concentration throughout.

I gave her a small measuring cup and she proceeded to pour the batter.  I smiled as I watched her, seeing batter everywhere as she went about the job, and this time, resisting the urge to clean as she worked:)

Twelve openings filled with the batter, ready to go in the oven.  She was as proud as could be.

The icing of choice for this most important project, was the new Cool Whip frosting.  The flavor we chose was chocolate.  I filled a plastic bag, snipped off the small corner, and the icing was ready to go on the cupcakes.

I carefully gave the needed instructions.  She tackled the job with enthusiasm and strength as her brothers looked on.  I was reminded again as to how difficult it was to be an onlooker and instructor, instead of doing it myself.
  The plastic bag was truly put to the test with this process, wouldn't you agree?

 He can't wait to begin.  Each one of the three took their turns, and I did not correct their jobs. 

 Each cupcake had it's own artistic designs.  They kept saying how happy their mommy would be.
A dozen cupcakes, with icing, but wait...

...they had to learn how to decorate, to add a touch of beauty, to step it up a notch, afterall it was for a gift for someone really special.

I had thoroughly washed and dried each pansey.  I showed them how to take off the stem, and how to arrange them on the top of each little cake.  They each wanted a turn, leaving each one with four cupcakes to complete.

Finally, the job was completed, and they were thrilled.  Obviously, they were taste testing in between each chore:)

I pulled out a Hefty disposable pan, added a lace doily, and had them set each cake in the pan.  Quite honestly, the flowers cover the amateur icing designs, making a lovely presentation, for one loved lady.
Total cost of gift... $ 2.50.  Total value...priceless!

I added the clear plastic cover, another lace doily, a small card, and a faux flower.  One could feel the anticipation in the air.

As for me and my thoughts on this important holiday;

I think it is a difficult day for so many and for endless reasons.
But, I do wish each of you moments of joy this weekend!  And, just in case you do not receive flowers this weekend, consider the bouquet we picked, a small gift to you, from me.

I thank God for my own mother, mother-in-law, and all the mothers I am blessed to know.  Your job is so valuable, and will continue to give for years in the future.

Happy Mother's Day to each of you!


Debbie said...

How sweet this is. You should frame that picture of the three of them smiling away after they completed their cupcakes and give it to her too. It is just adorable! Happy mother's day to you too Judy!

Happy@Home said...

This is such a sweet story of a little girl (& 2 little boys) wanting to do something special to show her mommy just how much she is loved. It's also the story of a loving grandmother who so patiently works with her to achieve this goal.
I know mommy will be thrilled to receive this heartfelt and delicious gift. I hope the photos are also part of the gift. They are sure to put a smile on her face.

Judy said...

What sweeties! And most special cupcakes. Thanks for the tip...about the new Cool Whip chocolate frosting. Perfect! Happy Mother's Day to you.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

The most beautiful cupcakes ever created and none filled with more love and joy. Precious little ones so excited to show their love through what they carefully made. It doesn't get any better.

I know you and your sweet daughters will be enjoying the blessing of your children tomorrow.

Love to you all :)

corners of my life said...

Great Moms become the best Grandmas.
Happy Mother's Day to you and your daughter!

Jeane` said...

I was the fortunate mom of these three quite darling looking children (if I must say so myself and I must) and I exclaimed to the highest heavens over these cupcakes when they were presented to me first thing Saturday morning. Thank you SO much for helping her/them makes these and in doing so, learn the art of gift giving and adding beauty. You are such a tremendous MAMAW and MOM! Love you so much!

lindsey said...

Wonderful photos Judy, I love how you capture their sweet little faces...and that chocolate smeared up the funny!

Anneliese said...

I admire your abiblity to let them enjoy doing it themselves and then embelishing the gift in such a beautiful way! Love those tell tale taste testing sings ...and I can only imagine how proud they were to give their labor of love to their mom.


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